FC dedicates CD, Psychiatry hospitals as COVID-19 exclusive hospitals

Jammu: Financial Commissioner (FC), Health and Medical Education Department, Atal Dulloo today declared Psychiatry Hospital and Chest Diseases (CD) hospital in Jammu to be exclusively dedicated for treating COVID-19 patients.
The FC today visited the two hospitals to see the infrastructure and manpower strength there. During his visit the FC directed the officials to fulfill every requirement so that they are able to handle any COVID-19 cases in an efficient manner.
Principal Government Medical College, Dr Sunanda Raina; Director Coordination New Medical Colleges, Dr Yashpal Sharma; Joint Director Planning, Health and Medical Education, Madan Lal and other officers of the health department accompanied the Financial Commissioner during his visit to the hospitals.
The FC said that as a measure of preparedness we are keeping these hospitals in Jammu exclusively for coronavirus patients. He also said that additional manpower, if required, in the twin hospitals will be provided by National Health Mission.
During his visit the FC was informed that everything is in place and the two hospitals are ready to handle COVID-19 cases. He was informed that beds, ventilators and other necessary equipment required has been put in place and they are ready to handle COVID-19 patients at any time, if need arises.
The other operations of the Chest Diseases Hospital and Psychiatry Hospital Jammu have been wound down and they will be entirely dedicated towards the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The patients of these two hospitals have been shifted to Super Speciality Hospital and Government Medical College Jammu.
As part of its efforts in the fight against the corona virus, the government has already dedicated Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar entirely for treating COVID-19 patients where 200 isolation beds are been readied in addition to the 90 beds in place.
The decision for dedicating associated hospitals of Government Medical College Jammu entirely for treating COVID-19 cases was taken during a recent meeting to augment the isolation facilities. The government has also ordered suspension of non-urgent operations and other treatments to free up capacity for a possible surge on COVID-19 cases in various designated hospitals.
He said that the idea behind dedicating some designated hospitals entirely for COVID-19 is to avoid intermingling them with other patients. He said that separation of the COVID-19 patients will prevent contraction of the virus.