FDI India successfully enabled over 150 Indian businesses gain access to soft loans by foreign investors

New Delhi: FDI India, a one-of-its-kind startup has been at the forefront in providing consultancy to over 150 Indian businesses to accelerate business growth. Through its interactive platform, FDI India enabled financial strength to these businesses through an array of services including Financial Planning & assistance, connecting them to the right foreign investors, obtaining government permissions, and project planning.

The company facilitated soft loans from foreign investors from across 15 countries through the most credible route. Dedicatedly serving 27+ sectors including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Solar and Hydro Plants, Construction, Hospitality, Education, Mining and Metal, Food Processing Sectors, etc, the company enabled thriving Indian businesses to obtain soft loans with a minimum ticket size of INR 25 Cr at 3.25% per annum on reducing balance. This involved a detailed process right from the screening of the loan applicants to helping them build their portfolios and effectively present credentials to potential investors and guiding them in their financial and project plans.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Vishal Yadav, CEO & Founder, FDI India, says, “Being the world’s sixth-largest consumer market, India is an attractive investment destination for foreign investors. However, the pandemic and the resultant economic slowdown has posed multiple challenges for businesses of all size and scale. With the view to combating the same, FDI India aims to bridge the market gap allowing enterprises to boost their business by providing the most credible investment route enabling the market towards economic growth.”

Some of the major challenges Indian businesses are witnessing in the course of their business lifecycle include assistance in managing their fund accounts, gaining access to foreign credit, etc. FDI India with a strong track record has helped address this with its cornerstone technology platform reaching across demographics and geographies to provide convenient, low-cost, and process-driven Foreign Direct Investment. The company is backed by 50+ passionate and committed professionals with comprehensive experience to deliver expertise in fund projects.