Federal Minister Dr. Müller meets President Malpass in Berlin

On August 26, 2021, World Bank President David Malpass exchanged views with German Governor and Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dr. Gerd Müller in a one-hour exchange of ideas on current topics of cooperation. Topics of the discussion, which was also attended by the German Executive Director Gunther Beger, included the current political situation in Afghanistan and Ethiopia as well as the fight against the health, economic and social consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Federal Minister Dr. Müller and President Malpass agreed that the Bank had responded quickly and extensively, but that further extensive efforts were needed to support the developing and emerging countries that were particularly affected. Both emphasized the need to improve vaccine supplies in partner countries in particular. In this context, President Malpass also addressed the progress that has been made in the cooperation with COVAX. Federal Minister Dr. Müller pointed out that vaccine production capacities need to be expanded, especially in Africa, and highlighted here the joint efforts of Germany and the World Bank in South Africa and Senegal.

Other topics of discussion included the challenges of climate change, increased debt, rising hunger figures and the challenge of implementing fairer supply chains worldwide. Federal Minister Dr. Müller pointed to the Due Diligence Act recently passed in Germany as a standard for European regulation. Both interlocutors agreed that special attention must be paid to promoting the private sector, and that fair production conditions are the basis for sustainable growth in this regard.

President Malpass and Federal Minister Dr. Müller jointly attended the G20 Investment Summit “Compact with Africa” organized by the German government on August 27, 2021.

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