Federation of World Academics (FWA) conducted Annual Conclave 2021 on the theme “Leveraging Lock down Learnings”

Ghaziabad: Federation of  World  Academics (FWA) conducted Annual Conclave 2021 on the theme “Leveraging Lock down Learnings”  at Le Meridian, Delhi on 9th Oct 2021. IMS Ghaziabad was the presenting partner of the event.

The Event’s Theme address was shared with the audience by Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director IMS Ghaziabad where she shared that lockdown as shown that institutions, corporates, and the whole world needs to now get over the concept of “Built to last” and now will have to focus on “Built to adapt”. According to her, the change is the only constant in world and the nature through lockdown has reinforced that to the whole world at one go.  Through this universal adversity people have come to know the need to think through and think beyond what is currently happening. She emphasized that agility is the need of the hour and organizations must learn to break through rigid systems and act at an accelerated pace to harness the opportunities.

She shared her experience of one such conclave that she attended which was addressed by Honourable Former President Late APJ Abdul Kalam where she asked that what a teacher should do to groom the students for future. His shared his wisdom that the teacher should give the students the power to dream big. Dr. Urvashi Makkar shared that she has followed that all through her career and this wisdom has helped to nurture young minds in last two decades.

During the Annual Conclave under the Best Institute awards, IMS Ghaziabad received the award for “Best Institute in India with Strong Industry Connect” and under individual category, Dr, Urvashi Makkar, Director of IMS Ghaziabad was awarded “Academic Leader of the year for Innovative Practices”. The awards were presented to Dr. Urvashi Makkar, by Prof. K.K. Agarwal, Chairman-NBA; Mr. Samir Kumar, Head, Prasar Bharti News Services and Digital Platform and Dr. Rizvi, Vice President FWA.

More than 50 Vice Chancellors, Directors, Senior Academicians and Senior Representatives from Media, participated in the conclave and shared their insights on challenges and opportunities in Indian Higher Education System.

IMS Ghaziabad students participated and supported the organising committee in the conclave as Student Coordinators and gained exposure and learnings beyond the classroom teachings. The event was organized by FWA which is a platform where higher education academic challenges are discussed among SAARC academic leaders as well as with industry leaders, in association with Education Post which is the only monthly magazine on Higher Education in India since 2011. The conclave highlighted the learnings which academia and corporate have from the unprecedented challenges and positive solutions and Impact of new education policy on educational institutions and industry.