Feedback Energy ties-up with Power Sector Skill Council for skill development

New Delhi: Taking its learning and development initiative to the national level, Feedback Energy Distribution Company (FEDCO) announced the launch of FEDCO Power Centre of Excellence, which will offer skill development programme for the power industry.
FEDCO Power Centre of Excellence will offer a technical and soft skills training programme to existing professionals and interested students so that they can meet the power sector’s expectations.
FEDCO also announced that it has tied-up with Power Sector Skill Council (PSSC), which aims to create a credible and effective mechanism–with the support of relevant and interested stakeholders–for managing the task of skill development across the country for meeting the current and future skills needs of the power industry.
“FEDCO’s contribution to the Skill Development Program on an all India basis has been further boosted by the signing of this Agreement. Through this partnership, power sector professionals and interested students are expected to be trained on a regular basis for skill enhancement and better employment opportunities,” said Mr. Devtosh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, FEDCO.
FEDCO Power Centre of Excellence will align the curriculum and courseware to the qualification packs and the national occupational standards for each trade as set by the Power Sector Skill Council.
As a training provider, FEDCO Power Centre of Excellence–under the provisions of National Skill Development Council and PSSC schemes of Government of India–being implemented by NSDC through PSSC–shall abide by all the provisions and compliances.
Power Sector Skill Council, an organization promoted by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India is inter-alia responsible for development of skilling standards know as National Occupational Standards, Qualification Packs (benchmarking them with international standards), development of Learning Resources and for rolling out of training and certification programs in various job roles (both for existing workforce as a upskilling initiative and for new recruits on a comprehensive format) in partnership with credible Training Providers.

Power Sector Skill Council has so far developed National Occupational Standards / Qualification Packs (NOS/QP) for 35 critical job roles across power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Downstream operations, which cover approximately 80% of the entry level of job roles for power sector. It has skill-trained and certified approximately 1.25 lakhs participants so far.
Power Sector Skill Council has been engaging in the state of Odisha. Among others and has sill-train and certified approximately 2000+ workforce under SAUBHAGYA Skilling Initiative engaged on implementation of Universal Household Electrification Project of Govt. of India, called SAUBHAGYA.
Other initiatives underway in the state of Odisha includes introduction of higher level of Qualification Packs for the job role of Engineer Power Distribution, for graduating electrical engineering students at various Engineering Colleges in the state of Odisha.
Power Sector Skill Council has ambitious plans to scale up its training and certification program to a significant level in the state of Odisha and elsewhere in the country.
“With the growing focus of the sector towards providing efficient and reliable power supply as well as with rapid technological advancement in the sector, this association will enable us to exploit the emerging opportunities in the larger national interest of creating gainful employment opportunities in power sector and to make human resources industry ready to face new challenges” said Mr. Vinod Behari, CEO, Power Sector Skill Council.

FEDCO, a 100% subsidiary of Feedback Infra, provides electricity to consumers across areas in Odisha and Meghalaya. It is one of the few successful examples in the country where private participation has ensured better management of electricity distribution.
FEDCO provides low-tension (LT) electricity in the two States with an objective of creating greater operational efficiencies, better load management and improvement in consumer services. FEDCO services nearly 75,000 customers in Meghalaya and operates in State’s four sub-divisions: Mawsynram, Mawkyrwat, Nangalbibra and Phulbari.
In Odisha, FEDCO operates as a distribution franchisee in four electricity divisions–Puri, Balugaon, Khurda and Nayagarh–servicing nearly half a million consumers. Its participation in Odisha has ensured AT&C loss reduction by 26% and financial turnaround, making ARR-ACS cash positive within 5 years of operation in a predominately (up to 90%) rural area.