FELA-Foundation is organizing a 2-Days National e-conference on Covid Impact on higher education

New Delhi: FELA-Foundation is organizing a 2-Days National e-conference on 9th and 10th of February. The conference topic will focus on Covid Impact on higher education. And based on the discussion and the valuable insights of the Experienced and Esteemed FELA Members; an assessment report will be reviewed by top Vice-Chancellors and Higher education leaders of India and the same will be submitted to the education department of India.

FELA-Foundation aims to furnish and publish the assessment report based on the conference and submit it to the respected Central and State Government Department of Education to make necessary reforms in Higher Education. The information will be shared and published in national & international media and FELA magazine.

The conference attendees and panelist are vice chancellors from 26 Top University of India -DAY 1 – Prof. Dr. Parvinder Singh, Prof.Dr. Raman Jha, Prof.Dr. Chattar Singh, Prof.Dr. Sayalee Ganka, Prof.Dr. Shrihari Honwad, Prof.Dr. Naresh Rakha, Prof.Dr. R. K. Singh, Prof.Dr. Paramjit S Jaswal, Prof.Dr. Premendu Mathur, Prof.Dr. Nishtha Jaswal, Prof.Dr. K.S. Gupta.

Day 2 – Prof – Dr Sunil Rai, Prof, Prof Dr Raghuvi Singh, Prof Dr Meena Rajesh, Pro Dr Dilip, Prof Dr Arun Patil, Pro Dr Victor Gambhir, Prof Dr M N Patel, Prpf Dr Mnajula Jain, Prof Dr Sher Shing Bhaker, Prof Dr Malhar Panglikar, Prf Dr S K Mehata, Prof Dr Gurdip Singh, Prof Dr Ramndeep Singh


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