Female Technology Students becoming more ambitious, Keener Than Male To Strengthen IT Skills, Suggests byteXL’s Trends Report – Deep Tech Insights 21-22

Tier-1 Students focused on upskilling; Tier 3 students go for immediate IT career placements The report also shows there is more focus on expertise than communication skills 2022 to witness growing interest towards emerging technologies - Full stack, DevOps, Backend, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and programming languages like Python

New Delhi: Upskilling or skilling for immediate jobs – That’s the question looming large on the IT Students of the country for a long time. While the technology industry in the country is continuing to grow at a faster pace than its peers, the employability factor continues to haunt the students and recruiters alike. With an aim to understand the way Indian Technology student’s community, as well as academia, are trying to address the concerning issue, Hyderabad-based byteXL – one of the leading experiential learning platforms for IT career aspirants, carried out a study on the trends in terms of employability in the IT industry, the existing skill-gap in the IT-sector and the measures to overcome it. The study was based on byteXL’s proprietary in-house database analytics and their interaction with students, universities, and corporates in the most discerning way. The study is based on a large sample size of 55,000 students from 60 institutes. The study has made some interesting revelations in IT education and skilling trends across byteXL’s purview of tier 1, 2 and 3 institutes.


In terms of student participation rates, it appeared that females are keener than male students to learn and strengthen new emerging technologies as reflected in both online and offline participation. A shift in focus on technical know-how than aptitude and communication skills has also been observed as well as more focus on part of the universities/institutions to help students be placed in Product based companies such as Facebook, Google, etc. instead of merely training students for coding.


While there is a growing awareness among students of the kinds of courses they must choose viz., the New wave of technology such as AI, UX/UI, Full stack, Cloud, there is a lack of the right curricula that can deliver the same in alignment with the

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