FIAPO gets global recognition as a Standout Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), the collective voice for animal protection movements in India, has been recognised as a standout charity in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE).

It is a moment of pride and achievement for us that FIAPO’S work, along with all its operational endeavours, was evaluated with careful consideration and found to be one of the most effective and impactful across the world!

ACE (Animal Charity Evaluators) conducts detailed evaluations of NGOs working for animals and shortlists 10-12 charities from across the world as Standouts! ACE’s evaluations are the most highly regarded in the international animal welfare community and carry a lot of weight – in fact last year alone, they influenced a donation of 500K USD to their standout charities. It was a 6-month long process of assessment, wherein they analysed programmatic info, financial information, a culture survey with staff, policy assessments, detailed interviews and more.

For more than a decade now, FIAPO has been the catalyst which protects the interests of animals on a local and national level. Ingraining the ideas that we were formed with, today, we work in collaboration with more than 130 members, 200 supporter organisations and 1,000 individual activists in over 70 cities – hoping to change the lives of animals across the country, through education, research, lobbying, mobilisation, training and direct action. FIAPO is India’s apex animal protection body.

FIAPO sees campaigns as a vehicle of progressive change for animals within set boundaries. The focus of all our campaigns is to ensure that the rights of all animals are respected, promoted, protected and fulfilled. We work by evaluating gaps that exist within the animal rights movement and then we aim to bridge those gaps through both time tested as well as innovative methods.

Thrilled to have received this recognition, Varda Mehrotra, Executive Director, FIAPO said – “There are so many challenges- and we continue to beat them and become a stronger force for animals. My most sincere and humble thanks to the wonderful team of FIAPO, and to ACE for extending us this honour!”