FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter adopts 7 Villages under Village Adoption Programme

Ahmedabad: FLO is the women’s wing of The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, FICCI. An organization of empowered women to empower women from all strata’s of life. they have 17 Chapters pan India, representing 8000 women professionals and entrepreneurs. FICCI FLO National Initiative of Village Adoption Programme is taken as a challenge by FLO Ahmedabad Chapter with an intention to make a difference with a sustainable impact on the whole village – mainly women & children. FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter adopts 7 villages of Anand District which includes Bamroli, Ambav, Anklavdi, Rajnagar, Jitodia, Jol & Gabapura


FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter Chairperson Mrs. Taruna Patel said that “Village Adoption is a pure act of accepting the villages for a purpose, in this case for development. Many efforts of Village Adoptions are being carried out at many levels in our country. But it is almost impossible to develop more than 6 lakh villages of India by just adopting them. Hence, we need to strengthen village adoption programs towards a Model Village approach as this village adoption has to be considered as a milestone to achieve, that it becomes a Model Village.


FICCI FLO Ahmedabad Chapter members said that “We hope that FLO Ahmedabad Chapter’s goal towards the Village Adoption Programme which is based on Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, (SAGY) Guidelines, to be converted into a Model Village Plan. A plan that can be replicated for the other 6 villages adopted by FLO Ahmedabad and taking it further to develop many more villages, towards the progression of our great country through this unique approach. We have studied the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, (SAGY) Guidelines, as attached below. We have thus selected the areas of work in every village that can be initiated under the FLO banner which will be supported by NGO’s, Organisations & Individuals to accomplish the Village Adoption Programme successfully.

Key Stages in choosing 7 Villages for Adoption by FLO & the Development Plans:

Identifying the 7 Gram Panchayats of concerned villages.
Grassroots planning and mobilisation of resources for all 7 Villages.
Facilitating the Planning & Design of the Development of 7 Villages – by NGO’s and Organisations.
Executing the process of the above & targeted completion to be frozen with delegation of work to the right task-forces.

Key Elements for the development of Villages by FLO Ahmedabad Chapter:

Sustainable Environment & Livelihood

· Better health – with special focus on women and young children’s health

· For women, to inculcate Self-reliance & Financial Independence in them Practical and smart education for women to empower them with required knowledge and skills and earn their livelihood

· Hygiene & sanitation

· Environmental Sustainability – Village Tree Plantation drives, encouraging community participation.

· Agriculture innovation on soil suitability & climate for Farming.


Community Involvement

· Planning for Village Development

· Mobilizing resources for all the Development Plans with Community

Garden & Playground for children with active engagement of Sarpanch

& Village Representatives.

· Village Entrance Gate & Branding


Skilling & Education for Children

· Economic opportunities for women

· Bakery & Confectionary Course

· Sewing

· Beauty Salon related Training

· Multi-Cropping & Kitchen Garden Workshops

· Make products from Agricultural produce waste

· Incense Making

· Spoken English Classes

· Sanitary Napkins Stitching & Selling

Future Plans

1. Introduce Anganwadis, School-Kitchen & Mid-Day meals.

2. Solar Power for irrigation & domestic lighting.
3. Market yards for Agricultural Produce.
4. Market yard for Bakery & Food Products.


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