FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter Organized Workshop on Managing Eyesight, Care for Vision


Dehradun: FICCI Ladies FLO Uttarakhand Chapter organized ‘Managing Eyesight, Care for Vision’ workshop at M J Residency. The event was sponsored by Shiva Optical Company. Kushal Mehra, Regional Training Expert and Dr. Anusha Pawar, Ophthalmologist educated the attendees on the various ways to care for their eyesight. Nisha Thakur, Executive Committee Member, FICCI FLO was the day chair of the event.

The event highlighted the importance of correct vision of our eyes and the various ways to maintain a healthy eyesight in modern times. The attendees were told simple ways to maintain a healthy eyesight. Due to digital lifestyle we are suffering from eyesight problems but with healthy lifestyle and correct food habits we can maintain our vision.

Commenting on the occasion Dr. Neha Sharma, Chairperson, FICCI Ladies Organization Uttarakhand said, “We are elated to organise a workshop on managing eyesight. We often ignore our health. This much needed workshop is a small effort to tell people to focus on their eye health.”

“Taking care of our eyes in today’s digital age is very important as we see that more and more people suffer from refractive errors as well as experience dry eyes due to long hours of screen time. Also, lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes when uncontrolled affect our vision which hampers our day to day activities. So we need to make lifestyle changes to help us in protecting our eyes.”, added Dr.Anusha Panwar, Ophthalmologist.

“Our eyes are very precious for us and so is our VISION. Thus, we should believe in your VISION and do everything you can to turn it into reality”, commented Nisha Thakur, Executive Committee Member, FICCI FLO.

According to Kushal Mehra, Regional Training Expert, ” In the modern times with an inclination towards the digital lifestyle, we should take care for our eyes to see beyond and be farsighted.”

The event was attended by more than 50 people including Charu Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Mansi Rastogi, Joint Secretary; Harpreet Kaur, Jt Treasurer and other members from the Executive Committee of FICCI FLO Uttarakhand Chapter.



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