FICCI FLO will be organising 2 days Interactive Online Workshop

New Delhi: In our community lakhs of cases of crime are reported every year. Adding to this online rape threats, cyber stalking, blackmail and harassment are rampant in the virtual world. With more and more women using online space for growth opportunities, creating a safer online space and banishing online violence is the need of the hour. Keeping in mind the safety of women online and in commemoration of The International Day for the elimination of violence against women, FICCI FLO organises “Teach Them Young” programme

“Teach Them Young” is a Two Day Interactive Online Workshop organized by Sneha Gupta, founder of Lots of Learning, on the 28Th and 29th November on Cyber bullying and Internet Safety exclusively for teachers from cities across 17 chapters of FLO. The programme aims to train more than 400 teachers who in turn will reach out to thousands of students PAN India. The workshop is free of cost spread across two hours each day covering all topics to personal safety, self-esteem, gender sensitization and internet safety. The programme was launched during the 16 Days of Activism for Gender based violence adopted by the United Nations.

Jahnabi Phookan, National President FICCI FLO says, “With changing times, it is important to tackle issues such as gender sensitivity at a young age and a large part of the responsibility rests on the schools and parents. In this era of rapid technological advancement, children need to immerse themselves in technology at a young age in order to start learning the skills they will use throughout their lives. But they also need to be warned about the risks that accompany all those cool smartphone and computer applications. All too often, that isn’t happening. Therefore, we need to start teaching young children about cybersecurity.”

“FLO has taken up this initiative to create an appropriate platform for sharing training modules for Gender Sensitization and Cyber Awareness in schools, with the objective of creating an appropriate platform for sharing training modules for Gender Sensitization and Cyber Awareness in schools.” She further added

Dr Aarti Gupta, Chairperson, FLO Kanpur Chapter says, “There is an impending need to educate and equip the young minds about being responsible netizens, gender sensitization and safety awareness. The prevention of any kind of abuse especially sexual abuse cannot be responsibility of the government alone, it’s equally the responsibility of the community. We cannot just rely on the government; we need to teach our children and we need to teach them young.”



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