FICCI welcomes MHA guideline on opening of industry manufacturing under guideline No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A)

New Delhi: Govt to consider allowing Indian Defence and Aerospace to start manufacturing in the given scenario: Chairman, FICCI Defence and Aerospace Committee

NEW DELHI, 15 April 2020: Mr SP Shukla, Chairman, FICCI Defence & Aerospace Committee, today welcomed the MHA Guideline No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 15th April 2020 specifying the industrial activities/operations that can be resumed. Additionally, on behalf of the Indian Defence & Aerospace Industry, he requested clarity on the manufacturing and services by Defence & Aerospace industry.

“Defence is a strategically important sector and is necessary to be open for manufacturing in the given scenario of uncertainty to ensure the operational preparedness and readiness of our armed forces. After many years of efforts by Indian Defence & Aerospace industry, today it is part of global supply chain and a prolonged closure of units may affect their delivery of contractual obligations,” said Mr Shukla.

The guideline issued by MHA apply to the manufacturing across sectors in SEZs/ EOUs, industrial estates/townships. “FICCI recommends MHA to consider classifying Defence & Aerospace Sector as an essential service and the manufacturing be allowed across all areas and zones in the country,” added Mr Shukla.

FICCI had recently submitted a note to the Government of India on ‘Post Lockdown: Opening of Priorities Sector’ and Defence was recommended to be considered as an essential sector.

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