Over Fifteen thousand students across India participate in BSE International Financial Olympiad

New Delhi: BSE Institute Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BSE Ltd hosted the finale of BSE International Financial Olympiad at the BSE International convention hall in Mumbai on April 13th 2018. Over 120 students competed with each other to win the national level competition. A total of 15,000 students from over 600 schools across the country participated in the national level competition which was spread over 6 months. BSE International Financial Olympiad is an initiative to extend financial literacy to the school level through its flagship innovative and educative national level financial quiz competition.
The first round of BSE International Financial Olympiad covered over 600 schools across 220 cities in 24 Indian states and 120 students were selected for the finale in Mumbai. BSE International Financial Olympiad is aimed at encouraging school students to explore and learn more about financial world by developing analytical and problem solving skills that will be essential to their careers.
The purpose of BSE International Financial Olympiad is to create awareness about financial literacy amongst students at a young age. It is aimed at empowering students with a proper understanding of the opportunities in the financial markets. Financial Olympiad helps students prioritize their personal financial goals and guides them towards becoming financially responsible.
During the initial rounds of BSE International Financial Olympiad, students studying in class 9, 10, 11 and 12 participated in inter school written tests followed by an online test in round 2.
Speaking on this occasion, Ambarish Datta, Managing Director and CEO, BSE Institute said “The rapid changes that we have witnessed in the last couple of years with demonetization, introduction of GST and the advent of Fintech require us to ensure that knowledge is disseminated continuously to help people keep up with the change. Also newer technologies like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence are concepts where students need to be abreast with. This will play a critical role in creating the enabling conditions for financial service providers while ensuring that risks are mitigated and consumers are properly protected. The BSE International Financial Olympiad is a fun filled way of spreading financial literacy amongst school children. In its 7th edition it continues to expand its footprint and help children to grow up as financially responsible adults while serving as a catalyst in driving financial literacy in the neighborhood and communities that these children are a part of. We look forward to onboarding more schools across India and beyond to be a part of this exciting learning journey. “
The winners in the final round held at the BSE International convention hall in Mumbai for each of the groups 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th standards are given below:
9th Standard
Abhinav Srinivas (Winner) from Raipur, Aum Gupta (1st Runner up) from Jalandhar, Grishma Anisha Mishra (2nd Runner up) from Angul/Odisha
10th Standard
Kshitij Agarkar (Winner) from Nagpur, Utkarsh Aishwarya (1st Runner up) from Raipur, Akul Goyal (2nd Runner up) from Jalandhar
11th Standard
Amartya Kumar Sinha (Winner) from Raigad/Maharashtra, Dev Mittal (1st Runner up) from Ahmedabad, Ajay Goyal (2nd Runner up) from Ludhiana,
12th Standard
Sarthak Aggarwal (Winner) from Ghaziabad, Shikhar Agrawal (1st Runner up) from Raigad/Maharashtra, Khawya (2nd Runner up) from Vadodara,
The winners received cash scholarships for higher studies.