Over fifteen thousand students across India participated in BSE International Financial Olympiad

Mumbai: BSE Institute Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BSE Ltd hosted the finale of BSE International Financial Olympiad at the BSE International convention hall in Mumbai on Monday. Over 108 students competed with each other to win the national level competition. A total of 15,000 students from over 600 schools across the country participated in the national level competition which was spread over 6 months. BSE International Financial Olympiad is an initiative to extend financial literacy to the school level through its flagship innovative and educative national level financial quiz competition.
The first round of BSE International Financial Olympiad covered over 600 schools across 202 cities in 24 Indian states and 108 students were selected for the finale in Mumbai. BSE International Financial Olympiad is aimed at encouraging school students to explore and learn more about financial world by developing analytical and problem solving skills that will be essential to their careers.
The purpose of BSE International Financial Olympiad is to create awareness about financial literacy amongst students at a young age. It is aimed at empowering students with a proper understanding of the opportunities in the financial markets. Financial Olympiad helps students prioritize their personal financial goals and guides them towards becoming financially responsible.
During the initial rounds of BSE International Financial Olympiad, students studying in class 9, 10, 11 and 12 participated in inter school written tests.
The winners received cash scholarships for higher studies.

Mr. Ambarish Datta, MD & CEO, BSE Institute Ltd said that, “Young people nowadays, face more responsibilities and challenges than ever before. They now bear more of the costs of their own education, they also tend to borrow large sums of money at an early age. Hence it is very critical for them to be financially literate at an early age. However their curriculum is already overloaded and with decreasing attention spans conventional approaches to teaching will not work, which is why we thought of devising a fun filled national level completion to help school children to acquire financial knowledge. This is the 5th year of this event and we have had a very good response, from all over the country. I am confident that the BSE International Financial Olympiad will go a long way in encouraging our youth to be financially literate.”