Fight Corona IDEAthon, a 2-day online ideathon to mitigate the uncertainties arising in light of the rampaging Pandemic

COVID-19 is spreading at an unprecedented scale to several countries across the globe
affecting more than 4 lakh people to emerge as the largest pandemic the world has witnessed in modern times. The rapid outbreak and its aftermath have led to an alarming crisis, testing the limits of resources and capacities of every country in terms of diagnosing the suspected, isolating and treating the infected and creating an actionable awareness among the people, the importance of exercising a socially responsible behaviour to contain the spread.
Time has never been more appropriate and desperate for the science and technology
community to orient themselves, to flare-up their efforts and energy, and unleash their fullest potential, skills, and knowledge to innovate effective solutions that support the community in containing the contract of the contagion and in mitigating the uncertainties grappling the world.
Fight Corona IDEAthon, a 2-day online ideathon, is an initiative jointly launched by MHRD
Innovation Cell, AICTE, MEITY Startup Hub, InnovatioCuris and other institutions of global and national prominence offering support in terms of Technology, Knowledge, Outreach, etc., with Forge Accelerator as the Partner incubator, in the endeavour to scout for accessible and affordable technological solutions that can contain the rapid spread of infection, ease the mounting pressure and ensure a quick return to normalcy.
Challenges and problem statements have been sought from healthcare professionals,
government officials and other stakeholders working on the ground and are curated under 8 different categories such as – Personal Hygiene & Protection, Awareness, Preparedness &
Responsible Behavior, Medical Systems – Diagnostic & Therapeutic, Screening, Testing &
Monitoring – Devices & IT/Digital/Data Solutions, Protecting Most Vulnerable Groups,
Community Task Forces/Working Groups, Remote Work & Remote Education, Stabilizing
Affected Businesses and the Open Category where one has the flexibility to choose and solve their own challenges.
Problem statements of high magnitude soliciting innovative technological solutions like the
design of reusable/washable masks, a system that can disinfect currency notes/coins, mobile applications with an ability to provide right, reliable and authentic information to curb infection and the spread of panic, a non-invasive diagnostic kit, alternate solutions for ventilators to treat patients who face chronic breathing problems, Storage Kits to collect test samples from homes and transport them to laboratories, etc. are put forth for student innovators, educators, researchers, professionals and startups to ideate and innovate feasible products.
To learn about more Challenges visit:
A total of 5500+ participants comprising of students innovators, researchers and startup
founders, 100+ mentors and 20+ partners have joined hands in this fight against corona.
During this 2-day IDEAthon, Startups and innovators shall be guided by Domain experts,
Healthcare providers and professionals, Innovation experts, etc. from across the country
through a virtual platform in their pursuit of ideating and innovating technically feasible and
economically viable solutions to the curated set of problems. Online webinars, masterclasses
and live one-one mentoring sessions are organized to support innovators with a focus to guide
in technical design, innovation acceleration and rapid development of their prototypes.
Ideas and solutions that demonstrate a proof of potential shall be awarded with cash prizes up
to Rs. 7 lakhs and shall be offered innovation grants up to Rs. 40 lakhs to enable them to
accelerate further development of their ideas and prototypes. Select startups and innovators
shall be offered incubation support with access to industry partners, industrial-grade
prototyping lab and pilot production facilities, co-working facilities, business support services,
mentoring and expertise in tech, strategy, and venture development, corporate grants, etc.
These desperate times call for disruptive measures. We invite corporates, industry, startups and
other stakeholders of the ecosystem, to join us, as we rise as one in the fight against Corona. A
thoughtful gesture of today will transform the lives of tomorrow.