Fighting Corona: DLSA Jammu hosts awareness camp for judicial staff, Lawyers

Jammu: District Legal Services Authority, Jammu, under its Chairman ((Pr. District &Sessions Judge) Sanjeev Gupta, organized an awareness programme in the premises of District Court Complex, Janipur , in collaboration with ISM Ayush for imparting knowledge to the Judicial Officers, Advocates, Retainer Lawyers, PPs/APPs, employees and ministerial staff on the ways, methods and practices to be adopted, for keeping the Corona Virus infection at bay.
On the occasion, immunity boosters/Ayurvedic Medicines specially designed by ISM Ayush, to enhance human immunity was also distributed among the participants.
In his address, The Chairman DLSA, Jammu, welcomed Dr. Rohit Gupta, Deputy Director ISM Ayush and Dr. Suresh Sharma, Assistant District Medical Officer, Jammu along with a team of Doctors comprising Dr. Garima, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Neetika and Dr. Anil Raina.
He said that DLSA Jammu feels very proud in welcoming the Resource Persons of Indian Systems of Medicine Ayush, the institute which has played an indispensable role in the Indian healthcare system by creating many effective Ayurvedic Medicines that the Indians and people around the world use to stay healthy. He added that in response to the CoronaVirus pandemic, ISM has successfully made several Ayurvedic medicines, approved by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, that help our human body’s immune system to fight COVID-19 infection naturally.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rohit Gupta, Deputy Director ISM, AYUSH said that these Ayurvedic Medicines/Immunity boosters do not provide us permanent protection from Corona Virus infection, but the key ingredients being totally natural in these medicines, prompt our/human body’s to produce enough antibodies which will blocks the Corona Virus, invasion into our body healthy cells and thus this will help in controlling the pandemic to a very large extent.
Dr. Suresh Sharma, Assistant District Medical officer, Jammu made the participants aware about the precautions and gave demonstration of certain Yoga Aasans/breathing poses which boosts immunity /metabolism to fight against COVID-19.
While distributing the immunity boosters and Ayurvedic medicines, specially designed to enhance human immunity to fight COVID-19 infection by ISM Ayush, Secretary DLSA Jammu, Naushad Ahmed Khan, Sunila Kumari, Nodal Officer, DLSA Jammu, Dr. Garima, Dr. Nidhi, Dr. Neetika and Dr. Anil Raina along with Para Medical staff, urged the participants to actively help to bring the Corona Virus infection level down by modifying our behaviour i.e by way of wearing of face coverings, washing our hands regularly, maintaining social distance, keeping our surroundings sanitized and by being hygiene conscious at all times.

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