FIITJEE Conducts Xtra Ray Edge Test on June 18, 2017 for XII Pass Students with Zeal to Excel in JEE, 2018

New Delhi: FIITJEE, a premier institute for JEE preparation, unveils its unique platform Xtra Ray Edge Test for XII pass out Students with Zeal to Excel in JEE, 2018.
Becoming a successful IITian is a dream for every aspirant, yet very few can fulfill the same, owing to lack of direction and very tough competition. Aspirants require a right platform and befitting guidance to serve as roadmap to crack the IIT-JEE.
Keeping this in mind, FIITJEE has initiated an extraordinary platform called Xtra Ray Edge Test (XRET) taking place on June 18, 2017 across India for students who were not able to realize their dream in JEE 2017 and wish to succeed in JEE 2018.
Xtra Ray Edge Test, scheduled on 18th June 2017, will pave the way for such serious aspiring students to succeed through FIITJEE’s methodologically crafted pedagogy, designed for absolute success.
Preparing well for JEE is one thing and transforming the knowledge & skill into success on the JEE day is another. Many students are unable to adopt the right approach and proper examination temperament as they lack the right feedback on their preparation. For bridging this gap, FIITJEE as a true mentor, will hand hold such students towards success in JEE, 2018 by providing them with the right Time management techniques, proper examination temperament & above all in-depth concept clarity.

“It is a great accomplishment to clear JEE successfully. However, for those students who have not been so fortunate in realizing their dreams of securing a Top rank in JEE Main/JEE Advanced 2017 or could not qualify, they should not let this fear of failure cloud their minds with doubts. Xtra Ray Edge Test has been designed with the intention to help students understand their current potential and fulfill their ultimate dream of joining the prestigious IIT’s,” says Mr. R. L Trikha Director, FIITJEE.