Films Division presents “Rivers of India” to showcase the rich history and legacy of India’s major rivers on 24th & 25th December, 2021 on its website and YouTube Channel

Films Division is celebrating the rich history and legacy of India’s major rivers, with an online film festival Rivers of Indiahighlighting the need for preserving the holiness and cleanliness of all rivers in the country. Being organized as a part of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav Celebration’ by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India,  the unique festival will feature documentaries on the sacred Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Brahmaputra,  Narmada, Godavari, Pampa and many other important rivers. The screening will be held online on Films Division website and YouTube channel on 24th & 25th December 2021.


Films being screened in the package are –

The River Ganga (19 Mins / Gopal Datt) – this film presents the story of the Ganga, the sacred river and traces its course from the Himalaya through Haridwar, Banaras and the plains of Bihar and Bengal, a mesmerizing tour indeed.

And thus flows the River Brahmaputra (52 Mins / Manju Borah) -this film deals the arterial vein of the Brahmaputra River, its position in historical space, its interface with culture, heritage and lifestyle of the people living in its valley.

Godavari (14 Mins /1959/R. S. Junnerkar) -this film presents an engaging picture of the Godavari and ancient cities, famous temples, new dams and power houses that are developed along the banks of the river.

Yamuna (16 Mins / G. L. Bhardwaj) –One of India’s holy rivers, Yamuna narrates her own story. On her banks stand one of the wonders of the world – the Tajmahal. In Uttarakhand, in the district of Tehri Garhwal, at Kalina Mountain, lies Yamunotri, its source. Daughter of Surya, the Sun God, sister of Yama, the God of Death, she is Yamuna….. Yamuna takes the viewer to various historic and legendary places along her banks.

Narmada- A Sacred River (46 Mins /Mahesh Kamble) –Narmada, a sacred river of India is also the stream of beauty. Emerging from the mountain chain of Amarkantak, Narmada is worshiped as religiously as the Ganga. Narmada receives the higher honour, as the devotees perform a “Parikrama” of this river, the only river of India to receive such devotion. All through the course of 1312 kilometres, Narmada holds many a devotional places (temples and ghats) on her banks unravel past history and give way to nostalgic memories.

Looking for a God with River Krishna (42 Mins / Mandakini Mathur) -the film attempts to probe the physical, cultural and spiritual landscape with the watery fingers of the Krishna River and its tributary. Often referred to as a metaphor for time, a river indeed unfolds layers of stories on its banks. With the central theme of a ‘quest for a God’, the film attempts to unveil the river as a symbol of intercultural harmony.

Rivers of Kerala (12 Mins / Mathew Paul) – Kerala is enriched with 44 major and minor rivers. 41 of them flow towards the west and meet the Arabian Sea, while the rest three flows towards the East and become part of the river Kaveri. Here is the presentation of some of these rivers including Bharatapuzha also known as Nilanadi, Periyar, the second longest river, the rivers Pamba, Chaliyar, Kotapuzha, Chalakudypuzha, Ithikkarayar and Achenkovilar.

Nadhi Smriti (58 Min./Soudhamini) -from a mighty river of yore, to the goddess of language and the Arts, to the mystical spirit of consciousness, Sarawati’s is a fluid presence in Indian philosophy. In the Rig Veda, she is Ambitame, Nadltame, Devitame – best of mothers, best of Rivers, the best of goddess   -not personification but striated and layered myth, a wealth of philosophical insight hidden within its folds. Even as geologist and archeologist continue to study layers of slit to unravel the river’s past, the film studies layers of collective memory, as the concept of Saraswati, riverine goddess, continues to evolve.

Veyth (52 Mins /Ravi Raaz) –a film on river Jhelum and its significance for the region.


This special “River” package will be streamed on Documentary of the Week and for 2 days on 24th and 25th December, 2021.

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