Films Division will showcase Lok Virasat: a festival of films on folk art and painting from 26th to 29th November, 2020 on its website and YouTube Channel

New  Delhi: Films Division, as part of ‘art-outreach’ initiative, has been presenting select package of films on Indian art and heritage as curated on line festivals during the last few months. After the overwhelming response to Raagotsav and Nrityanjali, festivals focusing on Indian classical music and dance respectively, an exclusive bouquet of documentary films on folk art and paintings – Lok Virasat – is being showcased, between November 27–29, 2020 on FD website and YouTube channel.
Lok Virasat will begin with Bastar – Rhythm of Progress (15 Mins / 1975 / Chandrashekhar Nair), a film depicting the life of tribals and their folk art which are increasingly getting the urban patronage. The other films being streamed include The Kingdom of God (69 Mins / 1987 / Ranbir Roy), on the great Indian heritage of art and culture with focus on various folk art traditions, Bhavai – Fading Memories (38 Mins /2008 / V Packrirsamy), a film on Bhavai – a folk art of Gujarat, Naman – Khele (26 Mins / 2012 / Ashok Rane), a film on the ancient folk art performed in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Sahi Jata, The Fusion Cult (27 Mins / 2012 / Satyendra Mohanty), a film on the unique fusion of muscle and music in the form of folk art on the back-drop of the ancient Orissa town of Puri, Therukoothu : Dancing For Life (35 Mins / 2016 / Jimmy Luke), a film depicting  the age old Tamil folk art, Echoes of the Past (52 Mins / 2016 / Merajur Rahman Baruah), exploring the unique folk art form of Behrupiyas from historical perspective extending to the contemporary state, Folk Paintings of Orissa (9 Mins / 1976 / Bani Doota), a film on the varied and rich folk paintings of Orissa and the dedicated work of folk painters and Kalighat Paintings (16 Mins / 1981 / Punendu Pattrea), presenting  a brief history of the unique Kalighat paintings.
Warli Paintings (17 Mins / 1985 / V.K.Wankhede), a film about the traditional art evolved by the Warli tribals living in the Thane District in Maharashtra, Madhubani Paintings (14 Mins / 1971 / Debabrata Roy), a film on the famous painting of Madhubani, Patachitra (17 Mins / 1980 / Purnendu Pattrea), a film on the art of scroll painting practiced by village folks across India, Pichwai (26 Mins / 2012 / Pankaj Rishi Kumar), a film that traces the origin of Nathdwara School of painting complete the festival package.
The documentaries will be streamed simultaneously on Documentary of the Week and from 27th to 29th November, 2020.