Financepeer emerges as one stop solution for fee payment for schools, parents in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: In the fight against deadly coronavirus, a leading fee financing company Financepeer is spearheading the battle in a totally different way. Financepeer is acting as a facilitator for the education sector by solving the problem of fee payment for both, parents as well as schools.
While an uncertainty prevails in the education sector as there is no clarity about reopening of the schools, the schools are also reeling under huge financial pressure as a lot of parents are finding it difficult to pay the fee amid job loss and pay cuts. However, the schools are also not in a position to waive off the fee owing to various expenses.
Acting aptly on the PM’s vision of converting problems into an opportunity, Financepeer realized the need of the hour and introduced ‘Fee Financing model’ a one stop solution for all the major stakeholders of the education sector, especially basic education.
Through this model, the company will pay the annual fees upfront to the schools on behalf of the parents while parents have the option to repay the amount in monthly EMIs at 0% interest. Amid COVID crisis, the company is also offering a 3-month moratorium to the parents.
Talking about the fee financing model, Financepeer founder Mr. Rohit Gajbhiye said, “We have seen that this unprecedented crisis has led to closure of various schools and a lot of dropouts because parents were not able to pay the fee. Therefore, we felt that there should be a solution which could help schools as well as parents, so that no one is denied of the quality education and also a lot of teachers are not axed. Our model helps the school as they get the advance fee for the whole year while the parents get the facility to pay the fee in monthly EMIs that too without any extra burden of interest.”
“This is totally a different model as compared to the education loan as we don’t charge any interest and also offer 3-month interest free moratorium. Also, this is our small contribution in the fight against COVID as our model will help in smooth and continuous operations of education sector despite this crisis,” he added.
In Madhya Pradesh, Financepeer has tie-up with key school chains like Renaissance University, Jain Public School etc and providing financial support to thousands of children in the state. Company has partnered more than 2000 schools in 55 cities and extending support to 9 lakh students across the nation.