Fine Arts students of AMU selected for prestigious Kochi Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition

Aligarh: The Kochi Biennale Foundation, one of the most significant Indian contemporary art foundations, which organizes Kochi Muziris Biennale and Students Biennale for the promotion of art practices of Institutions across South Asia, has selected students of Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for its 4th edition of Students’ Biennale online exhibition. Three art works prepared by a group of students of MFA and BFA of Department of Fine Arts are installed at Moinuddin Ahmad Art Gallery of Aligarh Muslim University which is being exhibited online at Kochi Biennale Website.


The art work “Life of Slums. Installation- glass bottles and mixed media. 6’ x 7’created by the artists Anit Kumar, Mohd. Nawazish, Mohd. Amaan, Pawan Pal of Dept. of Fine Arts is a symbolic representation of the life of slum dwellers and migrant workers of metropolitan cities during present pandemic. A huge sewage pipe made of iron, glass bottle with inserted photographs reflects on the plight of those workers who sought refuge inside these 4-feet rings of indifferent concrete, where they spend nights of uncertainty, unsure if the same pipe would be available the next night for them.




The art work “Perception of time management. Paper on board. 6’ x 4’created by the artists, Yamini Baghel and Shalinee of Women’s College pays tribute to the varied perception of time by humans across the world in the time of the pandemic. They have used the quilling technique to create art on wooden boards. The technique is one among the many that thrived during the lockdown days, as idle people furbished their skills and found various means to express and exhibit.




The art work “Pandemic. Injections, Masks, drips. 3’X8’ has been created by the artist Farheen from Women’s College who used syringes, masks and drip bottles to envisage what the world is enduring right now. On a closer look, the installation is made up of discrete, meaningful elements about the act of striving by humanity today. The anamorphic nature of the installation is to resonate with the changing perspective about it by different viewers.




Prof Badar Jahan, Chairperson, Department of Fine Arts informed that Fine Arts students regularly participates in Kochi Students’ Biennalebut due to COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the Students’ Biennale have been organised online. She also expressed that the enthusiasm of the students in creating these interactive art pieces are exemplary and motivational for other students of the department.


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