Fintech platform True Balance’s Corona Relief Program for Employees

Delhi: True Balance – RBI licensed lending platform, has launched wellness programs, relief funds and a host of other initiatives to support employees amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company has created a COVID Relief Fund for their employees. They have even supported the employees with testing kits, medical supply, oxygen cylinders support in addition to covering costs of RT PCR tests of the employees.

Charlie Lee, Founder and CEO, True Balance has even imported oxygen concentrators from Korea in order to provide support for the employees in need. This was at the time when millions of people were struggling to access oxygen cylinders in the nation’s capital.

Upon multiple one-on-one conversations with the employees, the company has also initiated Salary Advance up to its 50% gross salary upon employee’s request. Employees can also avail loan up to one-month gross salary at zero interest in time of need, with minimal documentation process.

The company has also tied up with – The Circle Work – to help provide vaccinations to all the employees at the company.

Speaking of the initiatives Victor Choi, CEO, True Balance said, “As a company we have always kept our employees’ wellbeing at the core of our decision making. While we might be small in number, it hasn’t deterred us from rising above the problems we were facing. We have also managed to procure vaccinations for all our employees & their family, since we realised they were finding it very hard to procure the same. Taking care of one’s employees is the first step towards building a successful business. If there is no team to enjoy the success with, it is not of importance. People are the core strength of our organization.”

With the second wave of the pandemic ravaging in India as we read this, leading to the onset of the largest humanitarian crises, conglomerates and startups have stepped up to ensure that the employees aren’t facing the adversities alone. Beyond the technological adjustments to online meetings and video calls, people are struggling with isolation and uncertainty, childcare responsibilities, medical requirements, health scares, and even grief.


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