Fire-tactical exercise at Petrozavodsk State University

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Karelia conducted a fire and tactical exercise in the building of the Petrozavodsk State University, which houses the Institute of Forest, Mining and Construction Sciences, as well as the Physicotechnical Institute.
The purpose of these exercises is to train the coordination of military operations of personnel, to develop the readiness of units to conduct actions to extinguish fires at facilities with a massive presence of people, to train employees and personnel of the facility on actions when a fire is detected and eliminated.

The employees of the fire and rescue units were tasked with conducting reconnaissance, finding and rescuing potential victims as soon as possible.

Thanks to the coordinated and prompt actions of fire and rescue teams and university personnel, the conditional fire was localized and eliminated.

The objectives of the exercises were achieved, the tasks were completed in full.

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