First ballot of the 2022 Youth Mobility Scheme for Hong Kong SAR passport holders

The UK/Hong Kong YMS allows young people aged between 18 and 30 to live, work or study in the United Kingdom for up to 2 years.

As before, there are a total of 1,000 places available to Hong Kong SAR passport holders for 2022.

The majority of places will be allocated in this first ballot in January, while the remaining places will be made available in a second ballot in July 2022. If your application is successful you will be able to live, work and study in the UK for up to 2 years.

How to apply for the ballot
If you would like to be in with the chance to apply for the scheme you should send one email per applicant to: between midday (12pm) on Monday 17 January 2022 to midday on Wednesday 19 January 2022 (Hong Kong time).

The header or subject line of your email must contain your name, date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) and passport number as shown in your passport. This must be written in English only. For example: WONG Janet – 31/03/2000 – Passport123456789.

The main body of your email should include the following information, written in English:

Date of birth
Passport Number
Mobile phone number
The email account will only be open for 48 hours and all emails received within this timeframe will be sent an automated reply confirming receipt.

Once the ballot closes applicants will be chosen at random by UKVI. If you have been successful a second email will be sent to you by 28 January to confirm acceptance and provide further instructions on how to make an appointment, along with documentary evidence required to apply for your entry clearance.

Please note successful applicants must prepare online applications and online credit card payments no later than 28 February 2022. Failure to submit your payment online by this date will automatically remove your name from the list and your allocation will be retracted. After you have paid online you have 90 days to book your appointment at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) and submit your paperwork for consideration.

If you are a Hong Kong SAR passport holders living overseas you can also apply following the instructions above, and if you are chosen to apply you will be able to do so in your country/territory of residence. Applications cannot be submitted for the Youth Mobility Scheme in the UK.

If you are unsuccessful you will receive an email within two weeks of the ballot closing and no further action is required. You’ll be able to re-apply for the ballot when it reopens in July 2022, if you meet the eligibility requirements. Further information about the scheme can be found on and any enquiries relating to the application process, online application forms and questions in general should be directed to the UKVI International Enquiry Line.

Additional information
British National (Overseas) passport holders are already eligible to apply for a visa under the Youth Mobility Scheme to the UK and are not subject to any quota or sponsorship requirements.


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