First laser bilateral renal stone removal surgery at Fortis Davangere


Bangalore: The recently launched advanced clinic for Urology in Davangere, Karnataka by Fortis Hospitals Bangalore has successfully performed a laser surgery for large stone in both kidneys. The clinic was launched with an objective to provide accessibility to patients who otherwise have to travel to Bangalore for all kinds of kidney problems.

The surgery which is the first of its kind in Davangere was led by Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, Director- Urology, Uro oncology, Andrology, Transplant & Robotic surgery, Dr Shakir Tabrez, Consultant, Urology, Uro oncology, Transplant & Robotic Surgery and Dr Allamprabhu, Consultant, Urology ,Uro oncology,Transplant & Robotic Surgery, Davangere conducted a 45 min laser surgery that helped the patient recover in the shortest time.

Renal stone disease happens to be one of the major causes of chronic kidney disease. Kidney stones are formed when the solid waste particles are not properly filtered and the urine is not dissolving them. These solid particles tend to crystallize and eventually develop as stones. If the size of the stone formed is small it can pass without causing symptoms. If it is greater than 5mm it will cause blockage of the ureter resulting in severe pain in the lower back or abdomen. In this patient’s case, the stone was of 20mm.

Lasers are more effective in dealing with renal stones that have become stuck in the ureter than conventional treatment as it helps in better breaking and clearance of stone. This is a faster surgical procedure as compared to conventional ones, and helps in early recovery of the patient.

Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy, Director- Urology, Uro oncology, Andrology,Transplant & Robotic surgery said, “Unlike conventional method of kidney stone removal, the usage of laser is easier, safer and blood loss is minimal. In this case, we had to perform bilateral renal stone removal, thus usage of laser was more convenient and preferable. We perform renal stone surgery using laser commonly at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, and this case was the first of its kind at Davanagere.”

Dr Shakir Tabrez, Consultant Urology, Uro oncology, Andrology,Transplant & Robotic surgery, said, “Renal stone surgery is a very common procedure and can be undoubtedly very painful. Getting them operated with regular methods take time to cure and slow down recovery. With the use of laser, the risks involved are minor and patient recovers quickly. The whole procedure is risk-free and takes just 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size and the position of the stone. In this case, the surgery took 45 minutes and the patient was discharged on the first day”

In line with this, the patient, Revan Siddeshwara said, “I am glad that Fortis Hospitals has started their urology facility at Davangere. The new clinic helped me get access to quality treatment at my native place without travelling to bigger cities like Bangalore. I was suffering from kidney stone from a long time, doctor recommended me to go for laser surgery as it would less painful and faster recovery. I would like to thank the team of doctors for successful surgery and recovery.

Bilateral renal stone is one of its kind and has so far given best results in patients.