First-of-its-kind Business Economy for Space Technology Programme for Secondary School Students in Hong Kong

The HKU Academy for the Talented1, the HKU Laboratory for Space Research (LSR)2 and the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (OASA)have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in mid May to jointly offer a first-of-its-kind Space Technology initiative in Hong Kong named the “Business Economy for Space Technology (BEST)” programme for secondary school students. This STEM initiative aims to nurture the next generation of “Astropreneur” with an understanding of how Space Technology and Space Data can generate a myriad of business opportunities in the “NewSpace” 4 era.

Under this bold initiative, secondary school students will apply Space Technology to seek to tackle critical issues and imminent challenges such as those under the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. School teams will build a CubeSat prototype with the use of computer-aided design tools.

To give participants authentic exposure to project management, there will be dedicated lectures and year-round workshops with professional mentorship guidance on topics of space science, engineering and astropreneurship, the concept and mission of a CubeSat, as well as prototype build and deployment. Through solid training in leadership, teamwork, critical and analytical thinking and communication and presentation skills, they will accomplish a common goal together with their team members. The “BEST” CubeSat design chosen by our expert judges may even form the basis of a viable CubeSat mission for launch.

“HKU has always aspired to cultivate and inspire visionary and creative talents. It is hoped that secondary school students taking part in this initiative can exchange ideas with professionals of Space Technology to design and produce a “CubeSat,” and learn how to utilise Space Data to yield profitable business opportunities and plan the future blueprint for human beings,” said Professor Bennett Yim, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Exchange, HKU.

“The HKU Laboratory for Space Research, is proud to be a foundation member of this exciting new STEM and Knowledge Exchange, Secondary School initiative. We encourage you to Become a space technology enthusiast; Explore the future Space Ecosystem; Stretch your Imagination and Train your mind to be the BEST it can be as you get to conceive, design and build your very own CubeSat,” said Professor Quentin Parker, Director of the HKU Laboratory for Space Research.

“Exciting new opportunities in space businesses are launching across the globe. This fun and innovative programme prepares students with a forward-thinking mindset and enables them to be space-ready, entrepreneurial and be equipped with practical skills to make the most of these opportunities,” said Dr Gregg Li, Chairman of OASA. “The NewSpace economy has arrived in Hong Kong; without the use and application of data from Space, Hong Kong will never be a Smart City.”  Dr Li added.

Secondary schools and students who are interested in the “BEST” initiative are welcome to apply and attend a virtual information session on 20 July 2021. Please visit: for details of the information session.

For media enquiries, please contact HKU Communications and Public Affairs Office: Ms Melanie Wan, Tel: 2859 2600 / Email: or Ms Rashida Suffiad, Tel: 2857 8555 / Email:

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