First place in the student forum!

3rd year student of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology of the Institute of Philology Tatyana Martyanova took part in the VIII International Finno-Ugric Student Forum “The Wealth of the Finno-Ugric Peoples”.
The event, organized by the Mari State University, brought together 220 participants from nine Russian universities. Students presented their reports at ten sections of the forum. Online participation was organized.

The topic of T. Martyanova’s speech concerned the derivational suffixes of nouns in the Vepsian language. The scientific supervisor was the associate professor of the Department of Baltic-Finnish Philology O.Yu. Zhukov. The jury of the scientific forum highly appreciated the report of our student, taking into account the lack of study of the topic and the depth of the analysis presented.

Congratulations to Tatyana Martyanova and wish you remain interested in scientific research!