FLAME University and WageIndicator start global cooperation on data analysis and data journalism

New Delhi: 55 students from the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of FLAME University will support the global WageIndicator system from the current academic year. WageIndicator Foundation operates websites with wage and labour market information for over 40 million yearly users in 125 countries. All 55 students will be interns for WageIndicator. This internship will provide them with a platform to learn and upgrade skills needed to convert data into easy to read mini-stories for web visitors and mobile phone users, creating stills, graphs and videos. They will develop management skills, data analysis skills, data visualization skills, and also learn about data and web journalism, content management, google analytics, and SEO.

Students will assist in targeting different occupational groups in India and abroad with tailor-made wage and labour law information. This cooperation is the primary outcome of an agreement between FLAME University and WageIndicator Foundation, which led to setting up of the WageIndicator Research Lab at FLAME.