FLAME University associates with Harvard Model United Nations India 2018 for the 5th consecutive year

Hyderabad: As complexities riddle the problems that we face in our world, it is important now more than ever for us to develop voices that are reasonable in their understanding of these issues, capable of analyzing the intricate challenges in solving them and passionate about finding these solutions and taking positive action. Model United Nations around the world has been playing an important role in moulding young students in this direction by developing in its delegates, the ability to critically analyse an issue, debate & discuss it with differing opinions and eventually to come to an agreement that is for the larger good. The Harvard Model United Nations or HMUN as it is popularly called is the pioneer in Model United Nations around the world.

The pioneer for liberal education in India, FLAME University, will continue its association with HMUN India for the 5th consecutive year as the Lead Partner of the conference. As part of their engagement with the students, senior professors from FLAME University will run skill development tracks on relevant skills such as persuasive writing, public speaking, debating for the delegates of the conference. In addition, a senior member of the university will be addressing the delegates of HMUN India 2018.

Speaking about this association Dr. Santosh Kudtarkar, Associate Dean – Faculty of Liberal Education of FLAME University said, “HMUN India is striving to bring together student leaders who hope to improve their societies through innovative and wide-ranging voices and develop the world socially, economically, and politically to create a better future for all of us. FLAME University has a similar goal to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal up gradation phenomenon particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership. HMUN is giving students a platform to improve their leadership skills and FLAME also believes in creating world citizens and leaders. Hence, it is only fitting that HMUN and FLAME University have an association to achieve their common goals. We have had this association for last five years and hope to continue it in the future.”

The theme of HMUN India 2018 is ‘Act to Impact’ and the conference producers, The Harvard IRC and Worldview Education, are focusing on helping students translate their global learning from the committees and the interactions at the conference into impactful local actions. The committees being simulated at the conference are focused around issues that the UN Sustainable Development Goals address. In addition, they will continue their tradition of having distinguished experts and dignitaries interact with the students through talks, workshops and keynotes. Studies that were conducted by the conference producers previously gave them insights into Gen-Z’s interest and keenness in working on global issues and they believe that the conference can play the role of a catalyst and a platform in this pursuit.

Speaking about the various interactions and engagements planned for the delegates, Sampreeth Reddy, CEO of Worldview Education said, “From the very beginning of HMUN in India, we have focused on ensuring that there is adequate participation from the industry, the government, academia and the social sector. We believe that everyone has the responsibility to be equally interested & engaged in the development of Gen-Z and we’ve been fortunate to have some incredible associations over the years. The association with FLAME University is a defining example. This platform offers a great opportunity for organizations to understand Gen-Z’s worldview.”

HMUN India is scheduled to be held from the 12th to 15th of August and over 1500 students from 200+ schools are expected to converge in Hyderabad for it.