FLAME University sets up a Well-Being Department for students to address behavioural and mental health during COVID 19

Fearing that 36 million students in 50,000 colleges and universities may face mental health challenges due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the University Grants Commission has asked institutions to start mental health counselling and individual or cluster helplines. Students can discuss any concerns related to Covid-19, course work and their future. The Commission has told institutions to communicate with students through telephone calls, email and social media.

FLAME University has reached out to all of their students extending support through personal counselling while offering a stress free virtual learning experience.

In order to address any kind of panic, anxieties or depression that the students may be undergoing, FLAME University’s Well-Being Department has reached out to students to come forth, open up and share if they observe any mental health symptoms.

Students can schedule a session with the concerned professionals via telephone or video conference as per their preference. In case they want to seek any external intervention, FLAME University will help them with relevant information on mental health support facilities that are available in their respective cities. For any other concerns, students are requested to to approach the FLAME Student Council, or relevant members of the Faculty or Professional Services.

FLAME University has also set up a Behavioural Health toll-free helpline.

Informative content on the following topics have been shared with students to help them prepare and equip themselves better.

1. Practical tips to take care of your mental health during the stay in

2. Minding our minds during the COVID-19

3. Various health experts on how to manage mental health and well-being during the COVID19 outbreak

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