FLAME University team is the new Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa winner of the 2019 Global Online Marketing Academics Challenge (GOMAC)

Pune: FLAME University, the pioneer of liberal education in India, wins one more accolade on a prestigious international platform by winning the title of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa winner of the 2019 Global Online Marketing Academics Challenge (GOMAC). The team three students, Rohan Nag, Aakash Saluja and Kajal Samdani from MBA (Communications Management) of FLAME University were awarded title after beating stiff competition from students from over 60 countries including competing teams from top global schools.

The prestigious digital marketing competition – GOMAC – is a showcase for digital enthusiasts coming from all over the world. Thousands of bright minds compete in the month long competition with the goal of not only creating the best digital marketing experience for a chosen client but providing outstanding campaign results too. The team from FLAME University picked Jain Heights, a Bangalore based real estate industry client and impressed the judges with their stunning results. Carefully strategized pre-campaign, highly informative post-campaign reports along with recommendations and learning, getting the brand to all the right audiences and considerable research of various digital platforms clearly paved the way for the students.

Rohan Nag, Aakash Saluja and Kajal Samdani had enrolled for the challenge as a part of their major in Digital Marketing and Communications. They were mentored by Prof. Sajith Narayanan, Chair, Digital Marketing and Communications at FLAME University. Under his guidance, the team aimed to drive sales by providing credible leads, which definitely is a tricky proposition in the real estate industry at this point in time with the economic meltdown. The GOMAC website while congratulating the regional winners stated that the judges thought that the team demonstrated a clear understanding of the target market. The campaign had an impressive CTR and amount of clicks across the campaign. The reports included a good use of graphics and a thorough write-up.

Prof. Sajith Narayanan said, “I am happy to see our students emerge Regional winners in this prestigious international competition for the second year in a row. They made optimal use of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to achieve superlative results for their client as shown by this win. They participated in this competition as a part of their specialisation course in their final year. Such project-based learning methodology is used in many courses in FLAME University. Students acquire a deeper understanding of real-world challenges through live projects in these courses. Students regularly interact with industry experts and are exposed to best practices in their fields from some of the best industry mentors who come to teach here. This learning helps students to participate and perform well in global competitions like GOMAC.”

FLAME School of communication offers different courses Advertising and Branding, Journalism and Film and TV. The team believes that quick thinking and flexibility was possible because of the liberal nature of studies at FLAME University. It has constantly encouraged them to think beyond the tried and tested strategies, and equipped them with skills to adapt to diverse situations and perspectives. These skills along with their solid understanding of digital marketing were instrumental in their winning the challenge, which also provided them excellent first hand industry exposure.