FlexiBees, a Flexible Talent Platform, sees a 50% Surge in Hiring of Part-time and Project-based Talent as the World gets back on its feet during the Corona Pandemic

With businesses looking to drum up demand, or experiment with new models, they are looking for cost-effective ways to hire good talent
At the same time, the pandemic has been an eye-opener for most businesses and people on the efficacy of working from home
FlexiBees, a platform that helps businesses hire part-time, project-based and remote-working talent have seen a 50% surge in demand in the last 3 months, even in the midst of the Pandemic, as businesses realise the benefits of hiring talent this way

India, 25th August: FlexiBees, a flexible talent platform that provides part-time and project-based talent to businesses via qualified women working returning to work, has seen a surge of 50% in the last 3 months in demand for talent hiring. While Covid-19 rages on, businesses are beginning to revive with the lockdowns being lifted in many places. Talent hiring is an indicator of that revival, but businesses are choosing to hire differently via more agile and cost-effective models that allow them to pursue growth while being able to manage their bottom-lines.

“We see several first-time businesses, who would never have considered part-time or remote-working talent a mere 4 months ago, come to us today because they see the value these talents and models can bring”, says Shreya Prakash, CEO, FlexiBees.

The flexible talent phenomena has been on the rise in the past few years, with smaller companies and start-ups using these models to afford good talent and keep their teams lean, and with larger organizations realising the need to bolster their conventional teams with specialised skills that could be more project-based and short-term in nature.

FlexiBees has been at the forefront of this revolution in India. Founded in 2017 by three graduates from IIM Bangalore, their pool comprises highly educated and experienced women from across functions and sectors, who have chosen to leave the traditional workforce but are looking to build flexible careers. While there were gig talent marketplaces in India and across the world even before them, they are different in their vision of enabling flexible working across all roles and functions, from core operational ones like Sales, Marketing, Finance to more gig and freelance friendly ones like Content, Design, Technology.


“At the heart of our business is the end-to-end matching & selection that we do, the right talent for the right requirement, that helps businesses in three ways. Firstly it ensures that our clients spend less than 10% of the time they would have spent hiring from other sources. Secondly, this involved selection process allows us to fulfil more complex requirements also like Sales, Marketing, Investment Banking, etc. And finally, it ensures that the candidates are vetted for skills but also for parameters like time availability, commitment, support systems, etc.”, says Rashmi Rammohan, COO, FlexiBees.


“All of these together give huge value to clients and 65% of our business comes from repeat clients.”, says Deepa Swamy, CFO, FlexiBees.

Having provided flexible talent to 150+ businesses now, that include some of the fastest-growing start-ups and biggest MNCs, FlexiBees is hopeful about the benefits this space can unlock for both businesses and under-served talent pools like qualified women out of the workforce. Whether you are a business looking to grow affordably or a talented woman looking to build a balanced career, check them out and what they stand for at www.flexibees.com.


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