A flight to motivate students of Zilla Parishad High School, AP

Ambattur: To motivate the students to achieve more and broaden their horizon, a five day trip to Chennai was arranged by Mr. Sudarsana Rao, Industrialist who runs factories in Ambattur Industrial Estate. This gesture to bring the spark into young minds was done by Mr. Rao because he studied in this very same school way back in the 70’s.

On his visit to his hometown a few years ago, he found the school needed every kind of help from basic infrastructure to providing labs with equipment, computers and also ensuring that the teachers were trained. He embarked on this program immediately and then started focusing on School Children. During a discussion with them he noticed that they were anxious to know and learn more and explore the world even though they were from a small and backward village in Andhra Pradesh near Srikakulam District. Mr. Sudarsana Rao adopted this school along with Girls High School, K.G.B.V, L. N Peta and has taken many initiatives like providing for digital classrooms, Children’s benches, lab equipment, furniture, adaption of poor children, toilet & water amenities, renovation of class rooms etc.

It was his idea that the best two students from each school he has adopted will be flown to Chennai and made to stay for 5 days. During the stay they will be taken to various institutions like Manufacturing Industries, IT Companies, Aavin Milk Dairy. The visit also includes cultural side where by the students visit Temples, Marina Beach, Mahabalipuram and also visit the big shopping Malls in Chennai. This time the visit was between 23rd and 28th September 2017 and this is the second edition of the “Chennai Chalo Education Program.” The students who were a part of this trip are Deverasetty Tanuja, Gudla Sai Lakshmi, Mettipati Sravanthi, and Garapathi Ambika. The teachers accompanied are Mr. Chintada Narayana Murty and Ms. Mukalla Sujatha.

Zilla Parishad High School, Laxminarsupeta is the Largest School in L. N. Peta Mandal, Srikakulam (DT), Andhra Pradesh. Having 465 children studying in its shelter; it is catering to the Educational deeds of the 9 river belt villages of river Vamshadara. Since its inception in 1953, the school catered to the educational needs of thousands of people but lagged behind in infrastructural facilities, the school could not muscle up its full strengths.

This School’s robust history came back with the adaption of school by its alumni and donor Shri. Sudarsana Rao, who passed out from this school in 1975 and settled in Chennai,
The School experienced and is experiencing many exponential growth activities spanning from academics, infrastructure, cultural, to service orientation. His stinct of touch spread every nook and corner that made this institution a prestigious one.