‘Flooded by Data’: University of Essex offers free masterclass series on deriving insights from Big Data

New Delhi : UK-based University of Essex today announced free online masterclass series on Big Data and on how it can revolutionise businesses, services and products. Titled ‘Flooded by data: What can businesses do with the huge volumes of data they collect,’ the free online masterclass will cover key topics in data analytics for business. The sessions will cover Business Analytics, Data in Agrifood Businesses, International Marketing, big data in finance and show how even small businesses can use data. Participants who attend four out of the five sessions will receive a participation certificate.

Students can sign-up here: https://www.essex.ac.uk/events/2022/04/25/what-can-businesses-do-with-the-huge-volumes-of-data-they-collect

From Monday, 25th April, different Essex Business School experts will dig deep into their research each day and present a unique 90-minute session on how data impacts every area of business and what this looks like in both theory and practice.

Professor Ram Ramanathan, Director of the MSc Business Analytics course at Essex, is one of the speakers. Professor Ramanathan leads a major European research project on improving resource efficiency of agribusiness supply chains by minimising waste through Big Data and Internet of Things sensors. He points out that this also has huge relevance for India: “Big data analytics can prevent around 67 million tonnes of food to be wasted in India every year, and valued at around INR 92,000 crores. It will be enough to feed all of Bihar for a year.”

Professor Ramanathan added: “Our courses aim to give students an introduction to the study of business and data at a postgraduate level, as well as to introduce them to current important topics in these research areas.

”These issues are absolutely central to Indian businesses at the moment as they look to harness the power of data in an ethical way.”

‘Flooded by data: What can businesses do with the huge volumes of data they collect’ sessions are on:

  • Monday, 25th April, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM – Introduction to Business Analytics with Dr Wali Rehman and Dr Chang-Hun Lee
  • Tuesday, 26th April, 12:00 PM – 1.30 PM – How can data help agrifood business understand the full length of their supply chain with Professor Ramakrishnan Ramanathan
  • Wednesday 27 April, 12:00 PM – 1.30 PM – Data and methodological issues for new insights in international marketing with Dr Rebecca (Yu) Li
  • Thursday 28 April, 12:00 PM – 1.30 PM – A look at how even the smallest businesses collect data with Dr Marta Fernandez De Arroyabe Arranz
  • Friday 29 April, 12:00 PM – 1.30 PM – Big data analytics in finance with Dr Thanos Verousis

Students who register at will receive a link enabling them to join the sessions which will be delivered online by Zoom.

Join the session: https://www.essex.ac.uk/events/2022/04/25/what-can-businesses-do-with-the-huge-volumes-of-data-they-collect

More courses coming up 

In May, Essex Business School are offering a second course, Sustainable and socially conscious? The reality of 21st century business. Here we explore a range of subjects that champion our attitude towards responsible, ethical and sustainable business including consumer resistance, the role of food waste in improving the sustainability of food chains, as well as circular economy and supply chain management.

Join the session:


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