Follow these Tips if You are Self-Studying for GATE


This is a well-known fact that life is not easy with respect to any agenda or scenario. We believe that grass is always greener on the other side, however, we fail to see the efforts and hard work which have been committed on the other side. For instance, we get inspired after witnessing the talents of the students who appear in the top ten rank list of the GATE examination preparing all by themselves but we need to realize that in order to reach that position, tremendous efforts have been put.

Know Complete Syllabus for GATE

Self-studying can be panicking for the first-timers but it gives us the liberty to do our preparation the way we need it to be, in this case, we are the rule-makers. In order to crack GATE, one needs to make a systematic strategy of how he or she will utilize his or her time and how he or she will be utilizing the available resources. The following tips may prove to be helpful for the candidates who have planned to move ahead with self-studying:

Planning is the Key: It is quite self-explanatory why one needs to do a proper planning. Considering the fact that GATE is a difficult examination, one needs to have a proper idea of the typical paper he or she will be appearing for. Amidst this, he or she should not ignore Mathematics and Aptitude as they can fetch more than 30% of the marks. The previous year’s papers will guide the aspirants on how to study the technical papers and according to that, the preparations should be started.

Now the candidates need to make an estimate from when they should start preparing for the GATE and they should employ a greater span of time to prepare as it is not possible to crack GATE through a rough one month’s rigorous preparation.

Tough and Easy: Tough and Easy are perspectives which differ for almost every student. However, while beginning with the preparation, the candidates should always start with an easy subject as their confidence will let to an early completion of the subject and he or she can move ahead towards the other difficult ones.

Text Books and Study Materials: According to resources, every textbook does not cover the entire syllabus of GATE, this is why the candidates need to refer various books. On the other hand, if he or she opts for online study materials, there are chances that he or she will get a concise note. It is recommended that the candidates should refer to the books as well as the study materials in a parallel way. However, he or she should keep a check whether the resources they are opting for are of good quality or not.

Time Analysis: This is a well-known fact that the most important resource is time and if one is able to utilize this particular resource in a proper manner, then no one can stop him or her from achieving his or her goal. Time analysis is one of the most important motions which should not be neglected, according to the GATE syllabus, the candidates should prepare a proper timetable according to which he or she will move ahead with the preparation.

Taking a break from studies is necessary at times but that recess may also be utilized in a proper manner. The aspirants can analyse their performance and their development in that recess time and according to their analysis, they can improvise their performance as well which is desirable. Some experts say that a daily preparation of minimum 5 to 6 hours is necessary if one wishes their name in the topper’s list, however, this time period varies from candidate to candidate as everyone has a unique capability of absorbing the content.

The most important factor of self-studying is that one gets to enhance his or her fundamental concepts which are the base of every question that is being asked in the GATE examination. This is why a student should be confident enough about his or her basic learning so that he or she can carry forward the preparation with ease and not with much panic. Opportunities should be properly utilized and how a person moves ahead with his or her preparation actually culminates into his or her future, this is why an individual should be very careful while preparing for GATE.