For the 1st time in India a new discount broking company will be launched by Sharekhan using a Beta-testing approach

Mumbai: Sharekhan, a full subsidiary of BNP Paribas and one of the leading retail brokers in India, announced its Project Leapp to launch into the discount brokering category via a new subsidiary company. For the 1st time in India this launch will start with Beta-Testing its discount broking platform by inviting alpha traders and investors to participate by registering on

It will allow 100 alpha traders & investors to test its new platform in live-market-mode including many innovations on Watchlist, Detail Quotes, Orders and Reports and give their feedback to the ‘founding senior leadership team’ of Project Leapp. On a First-In, First-Win basis each of the 100 alpha traders and investors selected will have to give a minimum of Rs. 5 lakhs as margin and will receive 1 year free brokerage as a welcome gift. To be part of the 100 Beta-Testers, people need to apply at

Once the beta-testing step is done after receving customer feedback, the launch of the project leap will take place during Q2 2020-21.

In 2020, Sharekhan crossed 2 important milestones: 20 years of existence and 20 lakhs clients. More than ever, Sharekhan strongly believes that its full service model is essential to solve customer’s pain point about getting help to better reach their financial goals. With its “intelligent human network” spread across 541 cities it gives Sharekhan the power to aid customers towards their financial goals. As part of this human led full service strategy, Sharekhan will now offer its clients some unique initiatives:

· ROAR, a unique 3 months onboarding program for new clients: how to invest, how to select securities, how to use the trading platform etc… – all assisted via phone advisors

· LIVE Online Sharekhan Foresight Sessions: LIVE online sessions with Sharekhan experts and special guests to help guide on investment matters ranging from Equity to Mutual Funds, Technical Analysis etc.

· Sharekhan branches will become Knowledge Centers to train, coach and support clients

o Monthly seminars will be organized in each branch to train and coach clients around topics such as: how to invest in equities, how to select mutual funds, Understanding FO etc.

· Sharekhan also explains it’s research philosophies:

o Fundamental Research philosophy called 3R (Right Sector, Right Company, Right Valuation) which differentiates its approach and brings it to life, allowing a non expert to understand how its research calls are arrived at.

o Similarly its technical research philosophy called POP (Process, Objective, Product based approach) is also unveiled to customers to help them understand and aid their decision making

o Q Square is the approach MF research takes at Sharekhan, following a mix of Qualitative and Quantitative parameters to arrive at Mutual Fund recommendations

Sharekhan’s CEO Jaideep Arora says “Our approach is to have separate companies and brands for discount broking vs full service as we believe that given India’s low penetration in equity markets there is a lot of relevance for both sub-categories to grow.”