For the first time, future designers went to summer practice – open air in Kivach

First-year students of the “Design” direction, having passed the session, went to the open air for the first time.

The aim of the plein air practice is to create a landscape as a genre of graphics and painting. In the course of practical training, as well as further study of the fine arts, students should come to an understanding of the role of landscape not only as an independent genre, but also as an element of composition in combination with other genres.

Students under the guidance of teachers of the department B.O. Topuria and E.N. Timofeeva went to Kivach. The reserve “Kivach” annually provides a unique opportunity for students-artists to plunge into the world of nature and creativity.

Just these days the Kivach reserve celebrates its 90th anniversary. What will be valuable for the landscapes made by students in the jubilee year of the reserve, say the teachers.

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