Former President Pratibha Patil praises Bir Tikendrajit University for making education opportunities in North Eastern Region of India

Manipur: Former President Pratibha Devi Singh Patil in her ‘MESSAGE” praised Bir Tikendrajit University for fulfilling the aspiration of the people of North Eastern region of India by making available more and more education opportunities for them.
She mentioned that “the welfare, progress and prosperity of a country depends on the quality of its citizens, and this in turn is the outcome of the education they receive. The North East region is a special part of the country where education, in every sense, is one of the fundamental factors of development. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Universities have major responsibility in nation building through training in various disciplines and value-based education to make people responsible citizens”. She emphasized that educational institution should be relevant and must take national scenario and global development to the structure of curriculum to prepare students to face the upcoming challenges.
She further mentioned that “I am confident that Bir Tikendrajit University will build its reputation as an academic institution par excellence, that encourages high quality intellectual pursuits and broad-based participation, and as an institution that produces leaders, thinkers, professionals and of course good citizens”.
She extended her greetings and felicitations to the management and all those associated with the university and wished them all success.
Dr. JP Sharma, Director, Bir Tikendrajit University said that “we feel honored to have such an inspiring “MESSAGE” from the former President of India for the university. The state of Manipur is a jewel in the North East of the country with promising and vibrant young population. This university would open avenues for them in higher education and research in Science and Technology, Information Science, Management, Liberal Arts, Disaster Management and Humanities with a focus on local ethos for a wider integration with the world of knowledge as needed for the prosperity of the state”.
Speaking on this, Prof. B N Mishra, Chancellor of the Univeristy said that “Bir Tikendrajit University will be a catalyst for new research, novel discoveries and creation of new forms of expression. It will eventually help create responsible, well-rounded citizens. The university will strongly focus on the holistic development of students through an approach that blends academic rigor, a culture of research and sustained industry engagement, as guided by Her Excellency Pratibha Devi Singh Patil”.

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