Former UPSC Board Member Professor Balagurusamy Inaugurates New Campus of Officers IAS Academy


New Delhi: Officers IAS Academy has reached a new milestone today with the inauguration of its new campus in Anna Nagar, an event that was presided over by the Chief Guest, Professor E. Balagurusamy, Former Member, UPSC and the Guest of Honour, Dr. Santhosh Babu, IAS (Chief Managing Director, TNHDC).

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Israel Jebasingh, IAS, Founder and Director, Officers IAS Academy said, “The inauguration of our new campus is a particularly proud moment for all of us and is a testament to what we have accomplished in the short period of our existence. But more importantly it is a reflection of the enduring purpose of this academy which is ‘Creating Better Civil Servants’.”

In his opening remarks, Dr. Santhosh Babu, IAS, urged the assembled students to ask themselves why they want to become a Civil Servant. He emphasised the need to look at life as one of selfless service to India and her citizens, especially the weaker sections of society. He concluded by stating that as future leaders they must be a good listener, have empathy, be ethical, and ultimately be the forces of transformation that India needs. And for that to happen, they must have a burning desire for change.

In his address, Professor Balagurusamy said that Civil Servants have a crucial role to play in a country like India. He asked the students to develop a mindset of innovation and to embrace ethics as a cornerstone of their life. He spoke about what it takes to become a highly regarded Civil Servant – competence, character, creativity and courage. He ended his address by exhorting the audience to have compassion for the needy and to commit and dedicate themselves to India’s future and development. Ultimately he said, they must all strive to leave behind a positive legacy.

A highpoint of his address was when he spoke movingly about how all his remarkable success and achievements is solely because of the single act of kindness and humanity shown to him when he was a young boy from a poor background, desperate to continue his schooling. That act of kindness was made possible by a newly minted IAS officer, who seeing him run from pillar to post pleading for help from more powerful and influential people, took pity him on him and gave him the necessary documentation so he could continue his studies. That single act would prove to be the turning point of his life, from which there was no looking back. This anecdote he shared with the IAS aspirants so they understood the great opportunity and power they have to make a difference to the lives of the truly needy.

The highlight of the day was an interactive Q&A session where students had the opportunity to ask Professor Balagurusamy questions on a variety of topics and get his thoughts.

The students were naturally excited to hear the words of wisdom and experience from Mr. Balagurusamy, a top educator and a top recruiter for the UPSC and Dr. Santhosh Babu, IAS, a much admired Civil Servant and effective implementer of policies. It was a highly inspiring and eye-opening session and they came away with much needed answers to not only what it takes to succeed in the UPSC examination, but to become a highly effective and respected Civil Servant as well. And a constant theme throughout the session was that being a Civil Servant was the noblest way in which to give back to society, especially the poor and needy sections.

Since its inception a few years ago, Officers IAS Academy has earned a reputation as a much sought after UPSC coaching institution with a unique distinction – the only one founded and run by former Civil Servants. The nucleus or “kendraka” is a combination of the pedigree, precision delivery of the syllabus, experienced faculty, highly relevant pedagogy and “Hansei”, a one of a kind Mentoring program. Supported by a rhythm of weekly tests, evaluation and feedback. This is reflected in 164 students having cleared the recently announced UPSC Civil Services Mains exam.

Israel Jebasingh said, “In addition to the UPSC Civil Services Examination coaching we offer an integrated program for college students ‘JUMPSTART’ to help them gain an early edge in their UPSC preparations.”