Fortis Hospitals bring in new technology to monitor patients remotely

Bangalore: Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore has partnered with Stasis, a global cloud-connected patient monitoring company, with an objective to provide the best care for high-risk patients who require round the clock monitoring outside ICU. Stasis builds cloud-connected vitals monitoring solutions for vulnerable patients who require close observation without one-to-one nursing care. Together, Fortis and Stasis are committed to ensure care extends well past the ICU.

Dr. Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals Bangalore said, “We are always looking to adopt new technologies and facilities in the hospital that can improve clinical outcomes and hence a cloud-based technology for patient monitoring is a big step towards digitalizing healthcare systems. Stasis is the latest technology being used by Fortis Hospitals Bangalore, that helps round the clock care and treatment to the patients with extra precision. It will help us in upgrading the patient monitoring, care and keep doctors clued into their patients’ vital parameters at all times. It will also help reduce costs as several patients can now be closely monitored outside ICU settings without compromising on care and supervision. This partnership is a good example of good medicine meeting great technology to bring down healthcare costs.”

The Stasis System keeps a watch on a patient’s core vitals such as heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, and even the electrocardiogram of vulnerable patients no matter where they are in the hospital. Unlike regular monitoring systems in ICU and wards that indicates the body functions of the patients in confusing numbers and waveforms, the Stasis System indicates different colors to communicate the patient status: green is good, yellow means patient requires care. The system helps involve caregivers and family attendees at the bedside, ensuring they are properly informed of their loved ones condition. These readings are displayed at a central tablet for medical experts to observe and take action. Most importantly, all the patients’ readings are easily accessible by their doctor from anywhere using the mobile app.

Mr. Dinesh Seemakurty, CEO of Stasis said, “Working with a top hospital chain like Fortis helps Stasis make the impact we always dreamed of. Our mission is to accelerate the practice of healthcare towards proactive medicine. This partnership is critical in making that vision a reality. By giving clinician’s access to their patient’s health parameters from anywhere through our secure mobile application, patients can feel safe knowing they are getting the best quality of care.”