FOSTIIMA B-School selects Stratbeans to deliver digital learning through its AI-based platform

New Delhi: FOSTIIMA Business School has today announced the partnership with Stratbeans, a company that drives digital transformation through AI-based online learning to leverage its full-fledged Learning Management Solutions (LMS) to automate their classes from offline to online. FOSTIIMA is betting big on Stratbeans’ AI-based assessment platform to maintain continuity of education during the uncertain times brought by COVID-19.

Through this collaboration, Stratbeans is providing an integrated platform where teachers can upload the complete study plan including courses, and share assignments under a set deadline. This allows students to access their study material as per the time table. Besides this, the students can also read all the courses or topics covered previously in the course library that enables them to study without any hassle and without missing out on important sessions. The easy-to-use platform has digitally transformed education for over 500 students at FOSTIIMA and helped the latter to improve the learning experience through advanced elearning solutions.

Commenting on the association, Mr. Anil Somani, Executive Chairman of FOSTIIMA Business School says “As education undergoes tremendous changes, it has been important for us to find ways to continue academic sessions while ensuring social distancing. In propagating a digital culture for teachers and students, our partnership with Stratbeans has been pivotal. Stratbeans assessment platform has also helped us to create the learning plan as simple as possible for a smooth and long-term learning process that goes beyond lockdown.”.

“FOSTIIMA is one of the best business schools for students to learn, grow and lay the foundation for their future careers. However, the year 2020 has been a challenging time for almost every educational institution to provide the best possible learning experience to their students. With the wide range of digital learning solutions, we take pride in working closely with FOSTIIMA and building an elearning strategy for the students that would help them to succeed in tomorrow’s job market”, stated Sameer Nigam, CEO, Stratbeans.

By removing limits on courses, the company empowers FOSTIIMA students to enhance an array of skills including corporate communication, corporate finance course, sales, and marketing, etc., in Stratbeans course library. Through Stratbeans assessment platform, students can also gain an online certification authorised by FOSTIIMA that would help them to achieve their career goals and land their dream jobs.

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