Four Specialised B.Tech Courses that will help Develop Valuable Skill Sets


India’s known for many things, but in the eyes of employers, it’s particularly known for being a nation that produces one of highest volumes of engineering students in the world. After all, there are a total of 1.5 million engineers that graduate every year, which is no small number. What’s even worse is that most of these engineers don’t even end up with a job – an extremely worrying statistic that speaks volumes when it comes to the current state of technical education in the country.

It’s of the essence to make sure that the engineering education being provided to students is augmented with a certain degree of specialisation to help combat this disproportionate nature of demand and supply in the job market. It’s obvious why this course of action is being recommended right now – as the job market continues to evolve, companies will start looking out for individuals who not only have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of engineering but can also aid them in other organisational activities as well if required.

This requirement will pretty much become the norm across multiple industries, so it must be ensured that students are provided with the means to fulfil these ever-changing demands of the job market. UPES has identified this situation and is facilitating this change by providing specialised B.Tech courses to help develop valuable skill sets in students. There are four courses in particular that are worth a mention:

  1. B.Tech Applied Petroleum Engineering with Specialization in Gas: The Oil & Gas industry is wrongly perceived as a sector that will quickly become irrelevant over time due to the prominence of other renewable forms of energy. However, the fact of the matter is that this industry is still going strong, with a large number of applications across a whole host of domains. This course helps engineering students understand the processes involved in this industry, and sees to it that they are ready to tackle the modern and future challenges of this sector.


  1. B.Tech Automotive Design Engineering: Improved mobility services have become the need of the hour, and it is imperative for these automotive companies to continually improve and innovate on their existing design to satisfy the needs of their customers. By going for this degree, individuals will be able to intertwine the core concepts of engineering with the details involved in automotive design, which will ultimately improve their overall appeal in the job market.


  1. B.Tech GeoScience Engineering: This particular course combines the core concept of geophysics and geology to help facilitate a greater level of education. By going for this course, students will be able to understand how to read, analyse, and interpret any and all forms of data related to oil & gas, geodata, tectonic plates, and various other types of geology.


  1. B.Tech Power System Engineering: It goes without saying that the power sector is one of the most important industries across the entire world, when it comes to its utility. As the pressing need to discover and develop new renewable forms of energy becomes even more prevalent over time, the demand for individuals who are well-versed when it comes to the various nuances of the power sector becomes increasingly prevalent. This course will help achieve this goal and also considerably improve the employability prospects of its graduates.

The points mentioned above make it evident that UPES is spearheading the wave of specialised courses. If you genuinely wish to become future-ready in the job market, then these courses will prove to be incredibly valuable in the long run.