Framing of Tribal Village Development Plan: Dir RDD Jammu reviews progress made in districts


JAMMU : Director Rural Development Jammu, Kishore Singh Chib today reviewed the progress achieved in framing of Village Development Plan in respect of various districts of Jammu Division.

It was informed by the concerned ACDs that most of the data capturing work under the scheme has been completed. It is pertinent to mention here that the Ministry of Tribal Affairs is in the process of launching a scheme for integrated development of villages with significant tribal population by transforming the existing scheme of Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub Scheme.

The main deliverable of the scheme would be to develop such tribal villages as model villages in a phased manner by filling gaps in various sectors including education and health services, basic amenities, housing, income generating opportunities, infrastructure etc. through appropriate convergence of resources available under various schemes of Government particularly where Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) funds are earmarked.

It was informed to the chair that most of the task regarding verification of the village database has been completed and gaps identified which are required to be filled through additional resources. Various monitorable indicators like Health and Nutrition, drinking water; Education, Housing, livelihood etc have been kept in mind while undertaking the exercise.

Work in respect of various formats like preparation of village data, infrastructural needs, individual needs etc is expected to be completed by 31st of July 2021.


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