Free Aptitude test at Vidyarthi Academy

Vidyarthi Academy shall be organizing a free Aptitude test on 12th November 2017 for all the students pursuing IIT education. Vidyarthi academy is an IIT coaching institute and has consistently ensured that students achieve best results. Students who are looking for medical education in the near future can prepare themselves by appearing for SMAT (Sinhal Medical Aptitude Test) on either 12th November from 11am to 1pm. All the students from 6th to 10th can participate by call on 9930542542.

Sinhal’s medical academy has generated highest number of doctors since 1981 and trusted by Mumbai’s doctors for their own children. VAST (Vidyarthi Academy Scholastic Test) shall help students to evaluate the talent/ability/potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and/or training. Vidyarthi Academy has its VARC (Vidyarthi Academy Result-foccused Coaching) Methodology which helps students realize their dream of getting into IIT.

Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director, Sinhal Classes says, “As the students will require to apply their knowledge and skills to score well in this centralised exam, it is necessary that their concepts are absolutely clear. Keeping in mind the pressures of students, we would like to give them a firsthand experience and prepare them before hand so that they can pass in the first go during their actual tests.”

When: 12th November
Where: All Sinhals centers
Who can apply: 6th to 10th Std
Time: 11am to 1pm
Contact for registration: 9930542542