Free Education to Girls My Top Priority: Odisha Bizman

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, these words of Nelson Mandela inspired an Odisha-based entrepreneur to provide free education to those who cannot afford it, especially girls.


Mr. Manmohan Panda

 Meet the young entrepreneur Mr. Manmohan Panda who dedicatedly working to help underprivileged children and people of Odisha.

 He has not only stepped forward to provide the best education to people of Odisha but also opened several companies in his region to provide bread and butter to a large section of the society.

 Mr. Panda says, “Using my resources to educate and empower girls and women of my area tops my list of agenda.”

 Manmohan also supports the budding entrepreneurs in the area by economically supporting them and giving them a direction whenever they are struck.

 With a plethora of ventures under his name, he is the helping hand to many across the nation. His small-town roots have never stopped him to dare and dream big but has also helped many more to achieve to convert his ideas from paper to reality.

 At an age where most of his mates are still dwindling between career choices, Panda has not only achieved the heights of being an accomplished entrepreneur who has inspired infinite to dream big.

 Manmohan owns more than ten organisations that span from a hospitality chain to a media/film-making firm, from a real estate business to manufacturing, automobiles, upcoming Multiplex. All his organizations use environment-friendly techniques in every way they can, from eco-friendly energy usage to proper waste management everything is taken care of.

 When asked to give a piece of advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs Panda says, “Just dreaming big is not enough, until you don’t have the courage to pursue them.”

 Panda has a flourished empire with several technology companies to his name like manufacturing of LPG cylinders, LPG Pressure Regulators and Industrial Valves and other engineering machinery, etc.

 The ladder of success was not easy to climb, Mr. Manmohan had to face all kinds of hardships, but it was his hard work and zeal that made him take up every opportunity like a challenge and channelize his strengths to reach a remarkable spot.

 Being a partner with one of the biggest entertainment production and Training houses in the nation, Institute of creative Excellence Pvt. Ltd. (privilege partner of Balaji Telefilms Ltd.), is not an easy affair. Not only this Mr. Manmohan is giving wings to a lot of pursuing creative minds with his company called Ashlesha motion pictures private Ltd.

 Adding a new script to India’s business world Mr. Manmohan has given a new and fresh breeding ground to the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. “I hope to strengthen our country’s image across the globe with every small bit that I can achieve,” says Mr. Panda.

 When his area lacked a good place for people to stay, a place where people could cater to conferences, meetings, events etc. Mr. Manmohan never waited for anyone to take the step towards development in his area, he builds an amazing hotel with all the up to date amenities.

 After reaching heights in the business world Mr. Manmohan now wants to give back to society, one such venture through which he brought a smile to many faces is Glaze India Foundation. One of its kind educational institutions which nurture and paves the way for many more Mr. Manmohan to rise and make a name for themselves and the region. The foundation imparts education free education to girls and economically backward students. Not only this these kids are further given a chance to work in the various companies owned by Panda.

 Glaze Retail a venture by Mr. Manmohan has a huge name when it comes to supplying hotel toiletries and house-keeping items to hospitals, hotels, and several small & big establishments in India as well as globally.

 Mr. Panda has been applauded for his deeds like Corporate Captain 2013 and 2015 (Govt. of Odisha), Face of the year 2018, Business tycoon of the year-2019, Golden Indian of the year 2018, to name a few, has become the role model to a huge chunk of people across the globe.

 Mr. Manmohan believes that no entrepreneur is complete without his people. He takes pride in having a big happy family of employees who are the reason for his success today.

 Mr. Manmohan believes that your achievements are worthless if you are not helping more around you to achieve their dreams.

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