Freie Universitaet Berlin: International Summer and Winter University FUBiS at Freie Universität Berlin Welcomes Its Largest Cohort of the Year

On Sunday, Freie Universität Berlin welcomed students from over 30 countries to the start of the third International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS) of 2022. The FUBiS online program, which will be running alongside the on-site program, started on Monday. The four-week program offers the 320 participants in the on-site and online programs a choice of thirty-one courses, including German language classes and other academic subjects. Most of the students are from the United States, South Korea, and various European countries. The current term runs through August 20, 2022.

This term, FUBiS students can choose from sixteen specialized courses (two of which will be taught online) on topics ranging from European politics and economics to sustainability, history, architecture, philosophy, and gender studies, as well as from fifteen German language classes for all skill levels. FUBiS also cooperates with the Utrecht Summer School to offer international summer courses on European history and art history. Students enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to travel to Italy and the Netherlands.

Freie Universität Berlin awards credits according to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) for all FUBiS courses. The academic program also includes a variety of cultural activities and field trips, such as a boat trip on the Spree River and a tour of the Reichstag building. Furthermore, the individual courses offer program participants additional thematic field trips related to the content of the course.

The FUBiS Summer University was held for the first time in 1998, with a winter term added to the program in 2007. The academic quality of FUBiS was recognized for the second time in 2018 by the Forum on Education Abroad through its Quality Improvement Program (QUIP). It is the only summer and winter university in Germany to have successfully completed the QUIP evaluation. Since summer 2020, the program has been successfully held online due to the pandemic. FUBiS has welcomed a total of 477 students to its online and on-site programs this year at Freie Universität Berlin.