From selling a pen at age 10 to now selling exotic luxury cars for crores at 32

New Delhi: With a turnover of ₹250 Cr per annum, Jatin Ahuja aims to achieve ₹1,000 Cr milestone for Big Boy Toyz Ltd. From selling a pen of ₹3, profitably at age of 10 to being the owner of BBT at 32, Jatin is a trusted preowned, luxury cars dealer

Big Boy Toyz takes 20% payment upfront. They arrange a loan for the balance amt & there is a buy-back guarantee for the car as they pay up to 60-80% of its value. A milestone was achieved in 2005 when he got a Mercedes that was damaged in the Mumbai floods, restored it & sold it for a profit of ₹25 lakh. In 2006, seeing the #market for mobile numbers, he bought 1,200 SIM cards of the 99999 series from Vodafone, sold it & earned ₹24 lakh. Soon in 2009, Jatin launched BBT & it was a big hit and the Turnover of the 1st year was ₹6 Cr. In 2016, BBT crossed the ₹100 Cr turnover mark & now sells 30 cars a month.

Demonetization imposed 48% GST on luxury cars, which he, along with Maruti, Mahindra & Tata sought it to 18% and BBT e-booking facility/online sales added 50% of its revenue. The only aim for Jatin Ahuja, Founder and MD of Big Boy Toyz is to be an inspiration for his daughter & create a legacy for her. Truly a person who sells luxury but is down to earth!

Indeed BBT is a “Supercar for Superstars” by the Superstar himself.