From TV sets, hygienic food to walkie talkies – SKIMS hospital Bemina providing host of facilities to Covid patients

Srinagar: From big screen LED Television sets, comfortable sleepers, hygienic food, fresh fruits, sanitary kits to availability of walkie talkie sets, the hospital authorities at SKIMS Bemina, (JVC Hospital) have been putting all efforts to keep everything handy for covid-19 positive patients in the wards to facilitate their successful recovery.
Giving details Principal SKIMS Medical College Bemina, Dr Reyaz Ahmad Untoo said that with the emergence of Covid- 19 positive cases in Kashmir, several hospitals had to be designated for treatment of covid-19 patients including SKIMS Hospital Bemina and currently this hospital is at the forefront of treatment of corona virus patients. He said that so far as many as 415 Corona virus infected patients have been admitted at SKIMS hospital Bemina for treatment out of which 310 have been discharged after their full recovery.
He said that SKIMS Bemina with 176 bed capacity at present serves as a biggest Covid hospital in Kashmir, which has witnessed a tremendous 75 percent recovery rate and less than 0.5 mortality rate so far. Dr Untoo said the facility includes ICU, high dependency unit and isolation bed capacity available at the hospital.
He said that among 415 symptomatic as well as asymptomatic covid-19 positive patients admitted in the hospital, there are patients with other co-morbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, orthopedic patients and others. Around 20-30 patients with 50-56 percent saturation level needed oxygen and they have also recovered successfully. Dr Untoo said that the youngest covid-positive case admitted in SKIMS is a 3 day old baby, presently undergoing treatment.
He said that unfortunately two co-morbid patients admitted in critical conditions have died at the hospital.
“SKIMS Hospital Bemina can boast of high percentage of recoveries and on Friday 26 more patients belonging to various districts were discharged after testing negative,” said Dr Untoo. “Among discharged patients include a 83 year old and one year and eight months old kid who were treated at SKIMS and recovered fully. During these months various covid-19 positive pregnant patients have been treated and 15 normal deliveries have been conducted and 13 pregnant ladies required surgical procedure and most of them have also been discharged,” he added.
“We at SKIMS Bemina are trying to provide every kind of facility to patients admitted in Covid wards. We have installed TV sets for their entertainment and for release of their stress, provide them proper diet containing proteins, vitamins, minerals and fresh fruits,” Dr Untoo said.
He said that besides providing free medicine available at the hospital, authorities have also been purchasing medicines from the market for co-morbid patients for their successful treatment. He said that besides phone numbers of all doctors displayed in the wards, walkie talkie sets have been kept available for patients for prompt response to their queries and other emergency situations. “We are very thankful to higher authorities and district administration Srinagar for providing us all such kind of facilities,” he said.
Dr Untoo said for achieving tangible results, various departments like Anesthesia, Critical Care, Chest Medicine and Microbiology under the General Medicine department were working in a coordinated manner. He said all doctors, paramedical staff, technicians, security, sanitation and other staff have been showing complete dedication to serve patients in the best possible way.
Meanwhile, Dr Untoo said that a Covid testing lab was established in the shortest possible time and it has been working round the clock for quick dissemination of reports of all samples. He said with 500 tests conducted daily, over 13000 tests have been completed so far at this lab out of which nearly 300 tests have come as positive.
With relaxations in lockdown, Dr. Untoo reiterated that no one should show any laxity and lower the guard to combat the spread of deadly corona virus. He urged people to follow all Government and ICMR prescribed guidelines in letter and spirit which include wearing of face mask, staying away from any gathering be it social, political or religious, use of hand sanitizers, washing hands with soap, maintenance of proper social distancing protocol at shops, work places or anywhere else besides avoiding unnecessary travel.

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