From words to deeds: “Let’s help the animals from the shelter together”

Students of the Institute of Economics and Law have joined the project of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​to help an animal shelter “The Way Home”.
Teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Humanities (O. M. Sherekhova, L. N. Yusupova, T. M. Tatarina) organized a collection of products to help animals from the shelter.

Students of 1-2 courses of the direction “Jurisprudence” of the Institute of Economics and Law took an active part in collecting food for animals in the shelter. In addition, within the framework of the project “Towards Global Challenges”, second-year students of the “Jurisprudence” direction Yulia Ivanova and Yulia Getman made a video about the problem associated with a large number of hungry stray animals on the streets of the city. The students buy food and feed the dogs.

The students urge people not to remain indifferent to the problem of homeless animals and show by personal example how easy it is to help hungry dogs in need of it.

We thank all students who took part in this promotion! The collection of food for the shelter continues, noted the organizers of the action.