Fully equipped media centre to be built in Bhopal

Bhopal : The Minister for Public Relations Shri P.C. Sharma informed that a fully equipped media centre will be built by the state government on the land of Patrakar Bhavan, located in Malviya Nagar, Bhopal. This media center will have auditorium, banquet hall, seminar hall and conference room in addition to art gallery. He further informed that the design for the media centre has been prepared after conducting the study of media centers of the country and abroad.

Moreover, Shri Sharma said that a conference room will be constructed in the media centre. The journalists and research institutes will get help in studying various forms of media at the new media centre. Necessary resources will be made available for research. In addition to the lecture theatre, facility of meeting hall will also be made available for media agencies. Arrangements will also be made for the training of journalists in order to make reporting better and to provide necessary resources. Media centre will also have modern facility of webcasting and it will have guests room for journalists too.

Minister Shri Sharma informed that the media centre has been designed in such a manner so that social programmes could also be organized. Media centre will also have gym and restaurant.